Extending the Reach


With customers demanding value from their investment in solutions and services, SAP is compelled to think fast, act fast, and develop software that delivers those benefits. To achieve this, the company has developed a multifaceted, innovation- driven strategy. This strategy strengthens current on-premise and on-demand software offerings,accelerates customer-driven innovation, and provides options for companies to make real-time strategic decisions based on business intelligence. Co-innovation with customers and partners alike plays a major role, with SAP aiming for rapid, low-TCO applications that provide instant value for people everywhere.

The SAP product strategy for the future rests on four pillars. The first pillar is the focus on the delivery of best practices beyond just standard ERP.Here SAP aims to strengthen its on-premise offerings by delivering SAP Business Suite solutions in more modular pieces that deliver rapid, instant value and by improving integration to make the Suite less expensive to run. SAP is continuously modernizing the suite with new industry-specific and line of business functionality to ensure relevance for customers. A unique element here is SAP’s delivery
model of enhancement packages.

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