iPhone App for SAP Business Suite

Zugriff auf Kundendaten, Aktivitäten, Leads und Analysen unterwegs (foto: Frank Völkel)
Customer Data, Activities, Leads and Analysis (photo: Frank Völkel)

Nowadays, all respectable sales reps and field service employees are expected to have key corporate and customer data at their fingertips in real time. This enables them, for example, to check important facts before a sales meeting and instantly update figures in the system while on-site with the customer. Long gone are the days when documents were faxed to company headquarters from the hotel lobby and data was keyed into the system manually. The Mobile Sales & Workflow app from the Düsseldorf, Germany-based company Sybase forms the bridge between the iPhone as CRM client and the SAP Business Suite software.

The Mobile Sales & Workflow application was quite some time in the making. At the CRM-expo in the German city of Nuremberg last year (see the article CRM-expo 2009: Mobile Customers), rumors began circulating about the product and a select few actually saw the version for the iPhone.

The beta version of the business app was greeted with much more enthusiasm on the iPhone than it was on RIM’s BlackBerry Bold, with Apple winning out particularly in terms of speed and graphics (see the article iPhone or BlackBerry – Comparing the Future of CRM).

From the customer perspective, it’s now possible to access information from SAP Business Suite and the SAP Customer Relationship Management application (SAP CRM) and then update it. Almost playfully, the user zips through customer data, checks the status of reports, and works with predefined workflows. Now there’s no need to lug around an Internet-enabled notebook.

All you need is an iPhone with firmware 3.x and the related client, which can be downloaded free of charge as an app from the iTunes Store (Sybase Mobile Sales & Workflow – direct link) and takes up 7.5 MB in the smartphone’s memory. After installation, the software automatically selects the local language, with English, German, and French currently on offer. To find your way around and get started, demo data is available on the SAP server. To hook up your company server and SAP system, you’ll need the Sybase Unwired Platform.

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Business Suite 7 Daten auf iPhone mit Sybase Mobile Sales
Data from Business Suite 7 on the iPhone with Sybase Mobile Sales
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Contacts and Tasks
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