Touring SAPPHIRE NOW: SAP on Blackberry

Messe-Rundgang: SAPPHIRE NOW 2010 on Tour: SAPPHIRE NOW 2010 (photo: Christiane Stagge)

ISEC7 brings SAP ERP and SAP CRM to Blackberry

For around 18 months, ISEC7 and SAP have been working together on developing applications that make it possible to access SAP ERP, SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM), and SAP Mobile Workflow processes by BlackBerry and iPhone. The bundle for all three applications costs €48,000 and runs on BlackBerry 8700, 88xx, 8120, 9000 (Bold), 8900 (Curve2), and 9700 (Bold2) with firmware 4.2.2 or later. As an added advantage, the joint solution – which the pharmaceutical company Bayer and other customers are already using – requires no middleware.

CRM with BI features on Blackberry

Mobility for SAP ERP: Whether it’s to view open sales orders, delivery or payment status, and customer data or manage complaints and service requests, the ISEC7 solution Mobility for SAP ERP enables BlackBerry and iPhone users to access SAP ERP systems while on the move. This makes mountains of printouts a thing of the past and ensures that sales employees and others in the field always have the information they need when on-site with customers. Since the ISEC7 solution constantly synchronizes data between SAP ERP and users’ smartphones, both online and offline access is possible. It can also be integrated into SAP ERP Central Component 6.0 (Enhancement Package 3). A 50-user license for the solution costs 34,000, including installation. Each additional user costs 50.

Workflow Management

Mobility for SAP CRM: This solution makes it possible for iPhone and Blackberry users to access SAP CRM, as well. Another of its highlights is its ABAP source code, which can be modified to enable a number of features – customer-specific fields, complaints, contracts, inventories, or price information, for example. Mobility for SAP CRM also enables users to call up and manage customer data, quotations, and sales orders. Since BI Reports is integrated into the solution, sales employees can even evaluate their chances at closing a deal while on the go. Mobility for SAP CRM comes with the same cost model as Mobility for SAP ERP and requires SAP CRM 7.0/2007 or later.

Forecasts with BI

Mobility for SAP Workflow: Mobility for SAP Workflow is exclusively for BlackBerry and supports Universal Worklist (UWL), which enables users to view and approve quotations, orders, travel expenses, vacation applications, and vendor evaluations from virtually anywhere. The solution runs on SAP back-end systems, at least one of which must have ABAP NW7.0 SP 14 or later installed. A 50-user license for Mobility for SAP Workflow costs 28,000, including installation. Each additional user costs 50.

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Roundtable SAP Research and Vodafone about mobile soultions.

SAP Research demos mobile software for South Africa

With its purchase of Sybase, SAP is seeking to restructure and turn more of its focus to mobile solutions. For developing and emerging countries like South Africa, this represents a tremendous opportunity. At CeBIT 2010, SAP Research introduced its Collaboration@Rural project, which involves a solution shop owners can use to quickly and easily order their wares by text message. At SAPPHIRE NOW in Frankfurt, the group – along with Vodafone, which is providing the corresponding cloud environment for service and add-on applications – was ready to demonstrate the solution in action. During the demo, experts showed how to set up new jobs and work schedules. SAP and Vodafone have invested a significant amount of time in making the solution’s user interface both as distinct as possible and adaptable to the varying display sizes of Nokia, iPhone, BlackBerry, and other smartphones.

Redundant Servers from Stratus

Stratus presents redundant servers

In Frankfurt, the server manufacturer Stratus presented products from its 2600, 4500, and 6500 series. The special feature of these servers is their redundant hardware: If a component fails, a replacement springs into action within five minutes, making an entire second server unnecessary. These highly reliable configurations are particularly suited for use at hospitals, administrative facilities, and publishing companies, where downtime can have serious consequences. Prices start at €15,000.