Mobile Software Part II: Sales

Drive around traffic jam with iPhone and SAP Research (Foto: Frank Völkel)
Drive around traffic jam with iPhone (photo: Frank Völkel)

Laptops, BlackBerrys, and iPhones are now the most common tools for field sales employees, but they’re not just for writing e-mails and putting together PowerPoint presentations. Thanks to special applications, sales staff can use their mobile devices to access the SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application located at their company headquarters. Please see as well the article Mobile Software, Part I: Service and Maintenance.

A mobile solution in sales and distribution has to do more than supply field sales employees with a minimum of information, such as customer contact details. In fact, employees should be able to work with the solution in just the same way – regardless of whether they are in the office or on site with the customer – and have functions like route planning, sales planning, activity management, campaign management, and lead generation right at their fingertips. What’s more, they need to be able to access documents and reports, and update any information in SAP CRM directly.

The following SAP software is available for sales and distribution:

SAP offers its customers a mix of old and new. While SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe is used exclusively offline, SAP Mobile Sales, SAP CRM, and Sybase Mobile Sales & Workflow are online solutions. SAP Mobile Sales and SAP CRM are accessed through a Web browser – which is great if field sales staff always have their notebooks at the ready, but less convenient for those whose main tool is an iPhone or a BlackBerry. The Sybase solution is tailored more to smartphone users. The mobile client is optimally adjusted to the iPhone user interface and the menu structure is clear, so the software can be used intuitively with a few swift finger movements.

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Mobiles CRM für iPhone und BlackBerry (Foto: Frank Völkel)
Mobile CRM for iPhone and BlackBerry (photo: Frank Völkel)

SAP Mobile Sales – for iPhones and Blackberrys

Anyone who already works with SAP CRM (version 2007 or 7.0) can access their SAP system with their iPhone or BlackBerry. SAP Mobile Sales is an application that sales staff can use to display information such as prices, customer data, and order history on their smartphone while on the customer’s premises.

SAP Mobile Sales offers the following functions:

  • Demand planning and forecasting: analysis and forecasting of planning data, creation of reports
  • Customer and contact management: access to contact information, profiles, sales activities, overviews of business relationships
  • Activity management: planning and execution of all activities, such as appointments, customer visits, phone calls, correspondence
  • Products and configuration: variant configuration, even without an always-on link to the back end
  • Price determination: With the Sales Pricing Engine, price information is available any time, any place.
  • Opportunity management: planning, coordination, and execution of sales projects, information about decision makers, mapping of previous sales, and calculation of sales opportunities.
  • Quote management
  • Order management: access to quotations, contracts, orders, availability, open orders, sales histories. These can be forwarded to the office-based personnel at headquarters for further processing.
  • Territory management: information about sales regions, for example, geographic location and number of employees
  • Campaign management: information and results of current marketing and product campaigns
  • Marketing encyclopedia: This serves as a central collection point for current internal and external information (customer data, announcements, product details, marketing materials, news, stock market data, press releases). All users can subscribe to it. Every time the data is reconciled, the user is supplied with the most up-to-date news.
  • Time and travel management: for entering documents and recording activities
  • Sales analyses: analysis of sales promotions, calculation of individual customers’ profitability

SAP CRM and SAP Mobile Sales communicate with each other through middleware. This middleware stores all the relevant data in a separate database in the central CRM system. The database serves as a backup for all the data on laptops, BlackBerrys, or iPhones. When employees use a mobile device to connect with the Internet, the data is reconciled with the back end – and only the data that was changed is updated. This saves time, because the entire dataset doesn’t have to be reloaded. What’s more, an almost seamless exchange of information between company headquarters and field sales employees is now possible.

SAP Mobile Sales is preconfigured for various industries. However, special tools can be used to map other industry-specific processes, workflows, and content. Staff work with SAP Mobile Sales using their Web browser.

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Auftragserfassung in SAP CRM 7.0. (Screenshot: WMF)
Order entry with SAP CRM 7.0. (Screenshot: WMF)

Browser-based – SAP CRM 7.0 (Sales)

SAP CRM is the software of choice for marketing and sales employees. The current version 7.0 has many features and includes business intelligence (BI) functions such as predefined BI reports and a wizard for report generation. With SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius Enterprise, users can create sales dashboards. These can then be uploaded with the wizard and are subsequently integrated into the CRM WebClient. Several CRM users can then access the dashboards.

The German kitchenware and tableware company WMF recently switched to SAP CRM 7.0. WMF uses SAP CRM 7.0 as a purely online application – together with SAP ERP 6.0, SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence 7.0, and Adobe Document Server. With the account management function, it’s possible to display the entire customer master from the ERP system, as well as marketing features, customer hierarchies, and account hierarchies. With product master data management, users can have a look at the whole material master, including product hierarchies, from SAP ERP. In order entry, orders can be processed and delivery notes and invoices displayed. The activity management menu function is for managing appointments, tasks, e-mails, and questionnaires.

Constant UMTS required

To be able to work with the CRM system while on the road, users must have a constant connection to the Internet. If the connection is lost – or if UMTS is not available – the data is lost too, along with the order that was being processed. To avoid this problem, WMF also deploys the SAP Interactive Forms software by Adobe. This is an offline solution that contains the entire customer and material master. Field sales employees send the Adobe form to the CRM server using Microsoft Outlook. The form is then imported into the CRM system. After that, employees receive a link (through e-mail) to the order that has been entered or get the form back with comments from headquarters.

WMF implemented its CRM system with help from NEO Business Partners, based in Hannover, Germany. As WMF stressed at the Mobile Business Conference 2010 in Stuttgart, it was worth the effort. Only the lack of UMTS availability caused issues at times. The company would have preferred an official release of WebUI for the use with Windows 7 at that time.

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SAP Adobe Interactive Forms (Screenshot: WMF)
SAP Adobe Interactive Forms (Screenshot: WMF)
Business Suite 7 Daten auf iPhone mit Sybase Mobile Sales
Sybase Mobile Sales

Sybase Mobile Sales & Workflow 1.0

In May 2010, SAP announced its acquisition of Sybase. Sybase is a market leader in mobile business software. Because the two companies are still in the negotiation phase, no information about planned products or road maps has been revealed yet.

Sybase Mobile Sales & Workflow 1.0 gives full mobile access to all CRM accounts, so that sales employees can use their iPhones while away from the office to generate leads, calculate sales opportunities, and manage customer contacts. The application is available free of charge from the iTunes Store. All that you need is your existing SAP CRM component, an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad with an OS 3.0 operating system, and the Sybase Unwired Platform. The Sybase Unwired Platform is the middleware that ensures seamless integration of back-end data with the mobile client, and it supports the development of mobile applications with plug-ins for Visual Studio 2008 and Eclipse.

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