Roadmap: SAP’s ECM Systems

Ordnung schaffen mit Enterprise Content Management Systemen
Find the documents when needed: Enterprise Content Management Systems (graphic: OpenText)

Enterprise content management systems are mainly of interest to accounting, legal, marketing, and human resources departments. For years, SAP has been working on ECM solutions with Open Text. A reseller agreement enables customers to acquire Open Text products through SAP.

Currently, SAP and Open Text offer the following ECM software:

In the article „From iPad to Business“, we brought you information on the various ways to use enterprise content management systems. The following pages will now provide details on SAP’s ECM solutions, as well as where they are headed.

Dokumente verwalten mit SAP Extended ECM by Open Text
SAP Extended ECM by Open Text
SAP Extended ECM by Open Text: Bedienung über die SAP GUI
SAP Extended ECM by Open Text: SAP GUI

SAP Extended Enterprise Content Management by Open Text

SAP Extended ECM by Open Text is the primary ECM application from SAP and Open Text. With it, users can manage and archive company content, as well as exchange files. Thanks to one of the application’s particularly useful features, multiple employees can work on the same document at the same time. And, since SAP Extended ECM is based on SAP NetWeaver, colleagues who work with non-SAP systems can access it through open interfaces.

The application’s core functions consist of document management (versioning, access control, approvals), records management (management of documents throughout their life cycle), and archiving. HR employees can use SAP Extended ECM not only to coordinate floods of incoming résumés, but to add comments to them across departments, as well. Thanks to the application’s scanning functions and support for Microsoft Office, users can work with scanned-in documents, read barcodes, and search for Word and Excel files. This enables departments to digitize documentation – invoices, for example – and banish paper chaos for good. 

SAP Extended ECM is integrated into SAP Business Suite, and is also available as a separate application.

SAP Extended ECM for SAP 9.8 is set to hit the market in Q3 2010. In this new version, users will be able to call up and save their documents not only from the extended ECM UI, but from the SAP GUI, the SAP Web, Microsoft Windows Explorer, and Microsoft Outlook, as well. The application’s available language scope has also been expanded to include English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish.

Version 10, meanwhile, is scheduled for early 2011. It will support records management for SAP Document Management System and SAP Customer Relationship Management files while offering a revamped user interface, enhanced search functions, and additional languages.

Mit ECM-systeme lassen sich sämtliche Dokumente und Dateien verwalten
Enterprise Content Management Systems help to manage data and documents.
Mit einem Enterprise Content Management system lassen sich schnell und einfach Dokumente wiederfinden.
Finding documents with ECM Systems

SAP Document Access by Open Text

This application also aids employees in managing and archiving documents – even those imported from non-SAP systems. SAP Document Access is fully integrated into the SAP solutions companies already run, and users can access the application through SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) and SAP ERP. This enables employees to work with any document throughout their organization – a significant advantage for those in customer service, for instance.

SAP Archiving by Open Text

This application digitizes, archives, and manages historical data and other documentation – such as invoices and financial receipts – regardless of whether it comes from SAP or non-SAP systems. For archiving, it deposits information on a special server, where scanned financial documents are linked to the corresponding financial data records in the user’s SAP systems. This function is particularly helpful when an audit is around the corner.

Version 9.8 of SAP Archiving – which will sport a new Web UI and PDF search functionality – is scheduled for market release in Q3 2010.

Meanwhile, SAP Archiving & Document Access 9.8 will support Windows 7 and be available in Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Further down the road in early 2011, version 10 will facilitate cloud computing and full-text searching in documents.

Mit ECM-Systemen können Mitarbeiter aus Personalabteilungen die Flut von Lebensläufen bewältigen und sortieren.
Managing CV's
SAP Invoice Management lässt sich auch auf dem Blackberry bedienen.
SAP Invoice Management for Blackberrys

SAP Invoice Management

With SAP Invoice Management, users can manage and digitize all of their incoming invoices, eliminating the need to preserve the corresponding paper documents. The application also includes a cockpit that provides overviews and management functions for virtually every workflow in purchasing, invoice comparison, ordering options, and approval. Users can even work with SAP Invoice Management on their BlackBerry devices when on the move.

Version (5.2) currently supports EDI standards, reporting functions, OCR download reports for data, serial number and invoice number processing, and Light SRM reporting. Scheduled for release in late 2010, SAP Invoice Management 6.0 will offer business intelligence functions based on its integration with the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio. This updated version will also run in mobile format on smartphones, as well as support the SAP Shared Services framework and cover the country-specific requirements of China, Australia, and Brazil.

Version 7.0, meanwhile, is to arrive with e-invoicing support in Q4 2011. It will also facilitate integration of more document types – down payments and returns, for example – and SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM). In addition, SAP has announced the application’s pending availability in further countries and languages.

SAP Employee Information Management by Open Text

SAP Employee Information Management promises to make the everyday work of HR employees easier, already offering Web UI integration of guest users in its current version (5.2). Open Text is promising improved Web UI functions and better support for multinational companies in version 3.0, which is planned for late 2010. SAP Employee Information Management 4.0, along with its integrated full-text searching and optimized reporting functions, is scheduled to come to market in Q4 2011.

SAP Employee File

The recently released SAP Employee File serves as an electronic personnel record that HR employees can access at any time, no matter where they currently are. Since it is still quite new, a roadmap for future versions has not yet been announced.

SAP Digital Asset Management

From audio and video to photos and other images, SAP Digital Asset Management helps users keep track of their digital media content. The application can be implemented as a complement to SAP CRM and is designed to help marketing and legal departments plan advertising campaigns and assess results.