Communication in the Palm of your Hand


The smartphone is becoming an all-purpose tool. And with its increasing prevalence in complex areas of everyday business, the line between private and professional use is starting to blur. The portability of smartphones gives them many advantages over desktop computers and conventional laptops: They follow users wherever they go and often provide a touch screen that makes a mouse and keyboard unnecessary. The rise of the smartphone is seeing the fall of desktop computers, which are becoming niche devices as their era slowly draws to a close. The future clearly belongs to smartphones, which forego internal processing power in favor of connecting to servers in the cloud. The computing punch of these servers is scalable, meaning smartphones can tap into the power of entire server farms. The seemingly limitless capabilities of the current smartphones and the cloud above them have made the devices attractive not just to sales and marketing employees, but also to executives.

Bite-size information

Along with mobile Internet connectivity, e-mail, and real-time appointment scheduling, functions such as navigation, voice recognition, and Quick Response/barcode scanning are becoming standard. The most buzz, however, is caused by apps, small programs that enable new business applications. Using them, users can sift through the daily deluge of information, leaving only readily consumable morsels of information perfectly tailored to their screen, location, and situation.

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