Football Fans Run Smarter with SAP

Mit SAP BI-Software besser beim WM-Tippspiel abschneiden. (Foto: SAP AG)
Goals, Scores, Vuvuzelas: World Cup in South Africa (photo: SAP)

The World Cup took center stage on June 11th and will continue to grab the attention of fans around the world as the games lead up to the championship match on July 11th.  The early storylines have included South Africa scoring the first goal of the World Cup, the fan noise created by thousands of vuvuzelas (long blowing horns), controversy over the new World Cup soccer ball, and England’s goalkeeper, Robert Green, allowing an easy game equalizer against Team USA.

Whether or not you’re a football/soccer fan, SAP has released a new tool that will surely give you a new perspective on the games.  The 2010 Football Experience is an excellent example of how some of business intelligence solutions from SAP can be applied to deliver visually stunning insights to users.

The 2010 Football Experience is free to use once you register and create a user profile – it will only take a few moments.  Once you have logged in, you will have access to historical data dating back 50 years.  Below is a screenshot of what you will see (Developed with SAP BusinessObjects Explorer):

Gelbe Karten, Tore, Balltreffer auf einem Blick. (Screenshot: SAP AG)
2010 Football Experience: BI-Tool developed with SAP BusinessObjects Explorer (Screenshot: SAP)

This data will help you explore and answer these burning questions:

  • What positions typically score the most points?
  • What is a likely final score?
  • Does being the host country influence success?
  • Which teams consistently make it to the final rounds?
  • Which players have previous tournament experience?
  • Is there a particular area of the goal that a goalkeeper is less successful in defending?
  • Is one player or team receiving more yellow cards than the others?

In addition, you can use up-to-date insights to make your predictions for the matches with an online predictor model.  Submit your answers and compare your thoughts with the community.  The interactive models will allow you to:

  • Easily review historical data from matches going back nearly 50 years to gain perspective on the game.
  • Check out details on the teams and players as they compete for the title.
  • Analyze match information, such as shot location, to search for patterns of play and success.
  • Gain insight, spot trends, and use the information you uncover to make better decisions.
  • Receive live commentary during the matches so you can stay informed.
Spielergebnisse auswerten und analysieren (Screenshot: SAP AG)
Predictor model developed with SAP Crystal Dashboard Design (Screenshot: SAP)