Welcome to the Era of the Social Customer

I often get asked what’s going to be trendy in CRM, and once a year I duly respond with a forecast – luckily more right than wrong. One thing I am certainly right about is why CRM is morphing to social CRM – a move from a business strategy built around operational excellence and managing customers to one that still takes operational excellence into account but now must attend to engaging customers.

Why the transformation? Very simply, we now live in a business ecosystem that has the customer, rather than the company at the hub. This is a social customer, one who recognizes that the tools and means they have to communicate with those they trust – their peers – are unparalleled in history. And they are willing to use them to promote or destroy a brand, depending on how they feel about that brand.However, myths about the leading role of business in this need to be dispelled. We have not undergone a business revolution in the last six years. We have undergone a communications revolution thanks to the availability of untethered, easy-to-use, and easily available technology and a transformation in whom and how we trust.

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