SAP Partner News 29/2010

Die Deutsche Post AG und SAP kooperieren beim E-Brief. (Quelle: Deutsche Post AG)
Deutsche Post and SAP to Cooperate on E-Letters. (source: Deutsche Post)

SAP and Deutsche Post to Cooperate on E-Letters

SAP is set to collaborate with Deutsche Post on its new e-letter service, E-Postbrief, which combines the advantages of conventional letters and e-mail. Senders can dispatch letters electronically, and recipients have the option of also receiving them in electronic format, or – if they have not registered in Deutsche Post’s e-letter portal – as an actual letter delivered by a mail carrier. In the process, Deutsche Post handles each letter with its usual level of data security, which mitigates some of the dangers of everyday e-mail. Since senders are required to identify themselves, it also eliminates the anonymity the Internet can provide. SAP and Deutsche Post are now planning to work together on developing interfaces between SAP applications and the IT structure of E-Postbrief; this will enable companies and public authorities to seamlessly integrate their business processes, thus saving customers time and money. One of the SAP applications involved in this integration will be SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM). Employees in human resources departments will then have the ability to issue payroll, employment tax statements, and other documents in secure E-Postbrief format.

Meanwhile, the cooperation between SAP and Deutsche Post will further benefit those in public administration by making it possible to send charges notices and business registration documents through this new channel.

ESPRiT Consulting Now Part of the Collaborative Business Initiative

SAP Germany is augmenting its Collaborative Business Initiative (CBI) in the field of business process management with the support of ESPRiT Consulting. The aim of this cross-industry initiative is to intensify collaboration between SAP and its service partners, such as in providing coordinated solution concepts designed to automate processes. This gives customers the chance to set themselves apart from their competitors by executing complex workflows with a high level of transparency and efficiency. It also leads to new service opportunities that make ideas faster and easier to implement.

ALBIS Plastics Handling Finances with ebXGlobal

ALBIS Plastics is now using Hanse Orga’s ebXGlobal software for bank communications, liquidity management, and payment transactions. This enables the company to cover both internal and external branches in one cash management and planning process in its SAP landscape. With ebXGlobal, ALBIS Plastics can also keep track of its subsidiaries’ liquidity and the financial status of its corporate group at large.

Technology Info Day Held in Walldorf, Germany

SAP Germany and one of its service partners, Freudenberg IT, recently held an info day that drew around 120 participants from 90 different companies. SAP Germany CEO Michael Kleinemeier was among those in attendance. The event focused on the rapid evolution of the IT industry and the resulting consequences for companies and their business relationships. To keep pace with these developments, SAP’s latest solutions offer faster data access and intuitive user interfaces. The info day also served as an opportunity to introduce new solution approaches and engage in networking with partners and customers.

STAS Control 6.0 Comes to the SAP BusinessObjects Platform

The business intelligence solution STAS Control 6.0, which aids users in planning and analysis activities, now also runs on the SAP BusinessObjects platform. Stas GmbH guarantees that its customers can have its software up and running within 20 days thanks to predefined functional areas for company management, sales, finance, budgeting, purchasing, and human resources. STAS Control 6.0 also comes with a standard interface to SAP ERP applications with extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes; like the solution’s data warehouse, these processes are preconfigured.

T-Systems’ Cloud Services Receive SAP Certification

SAP has granted its globally recognized SAP-Certified in Cloud Services certification to T-Systems’ Dynamic Services for SAP® Solutions. Having offered these services since 2004, the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary recently began providing them in a cloud environment. This dynamic platform gives users a virtualized view of their SAP landscapes in a highly standardized and automated format. Around 100 companies currently use T-Systems’ cloud services, which support all popular operating systems.

All for One Midmarket Helps Weber Hydraulik Implement
SAP Business All-in-One

Weber Hydraulik, a specialist in hydraulic drive and control systems, is harmonizing its business processes with the help of the industry solution SAP Business All-in-One for Automotive. Enhanced by add-on solutions for the midmarket supply industry, the software is aiding Weber in optimizing its procurement, materials and warehouse management, sales and production logistics, quality management, finances, and controlling. SAP Solution Manager helped the company pull off a simultaneous implementation at its branches in Germany and Austria. As a result, Weber Hydraulik was able to quickly synchronize its vendor-managed inventory, electric data interchange (EDI), and other complex areas.

SAP Recognizing Partners’ Service Quality

SAP has started a new global certification program for value-added resellers (VARs) that offer its midmarket solution SAP Business All-in-One and are part of its SAP Extended Business program. The company will recognize partners whose sales and delivery methods meet certain standards in active quality management. Ten SAP sales partners in Europe have already received certification for fulfilling an annual quality plan and passing quarterly reviews. The SAP Active Quality Management organization works with partners and offers them various templates and tools.

Ernst & Young and Steinbeis University Offering Master’s Program in SAP Consulting

The auditing firm Ernst & Young and the Steinbeis Center of Management and Technology (SCMT) are planning a collaboration within the framework of the SAP Corporate Master Program. The corresponding study program, which will include part-time employment, is set to begin no later than the 2011 summer semester at Steinbeis University in Berlin. Graduates will receive a state-certified Master of Business Engineering (MBE) from SCMT. After taking part in academic courses designed by SCMT, students will apply what they have learned while gathering experience as junior consultants in Ernst & Young projects. Conceived by SAP Education, SAP University Alliances, and participating institutions of higher learning, the program is tailored to bachelor graduates and skilled employees and managers with work experience.

Hanse Orga’s FinanceSolutions now on SAP EcoHub

FinanceSolutions, another solution offered by the financial accounting specialist Hanse Orga AG, is now listed on SAP EcoHub. The software supports companies in processing incoming payments, planning liquidity, and managing working capital with its Payment Factory, Cash Management, and Treasury functions. SAP EcoHub is an online marketplace for SAP partners’ certified solutions where customers have the chance to find suitable enhancements for their existing SAP installations. Hanse Orga is just such a partner, offering SAP consulting with a focus on cash and treasury management.

Banque de Luxembourg Automates Core Banking System with UC4 Software

By implementing UC4 Automation Engine, Banque de Luxembourg has automated the administration and monitoring of its Avaloq Banking System (ABS) workloads. Integrating Avaloq and the software from the IT process optimization specialist UC4 has given the bank a scalable, universal platform for its core banking system and its satellites. Dynamic and capable of adjusting to changing circumstances in commerce, this platform will serve as a foundation on which Banque de Luxembourg can expand its branch network. UC4, meanwhile, has improved its software release management and automated how it rolls out updates. This has reduced the time needed to distribute development improvements for Avaloq database instances by 80%.