Building Complementary Solutions for BS7

Coden leichtgemacht: Programmieren für die Business Suite (Foto: Frank Völkel)
Coding made easy: integrating third-party software with SAP Business Suite (photo: Frank Völkel)

The SAP Guidelines for Best-Built Applications That Integrate with SAP Business Suite (click on View this Article to download them) were originally launched at SAP TechEd 2009. Back then, the first two chapters were presented. Furthermore, SAP promised to extend the guidelines over time.

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SAP regards the guidelines as suggestions for independent software vendors (ISV), with the aim of harmonizing software from third-party providers to work with SAP products as effectively as possible. The guidelines are not compulsory. However, the authors are convinced that they can save companies on integration costs, support costs, and also development costs for new versions, if upgrades or updates are scheduled for SAP products.

The current version of the guidelines comprises six chapters spanning some 149 pages. The topics include application lifecycle management, service-oriented architecture, and, in the latest chapter, enterprise information management. In the coming months, the areas business intelligence tools, application development, and governance and security are slated to follow.

Kapitel-Roadmap: Bis zur SAP TechEd 2010 sollen die Guidelines vollendet werden.
Roadmap for the guidelines – to be completed by TechEd 2010.

The current chapter takes a close look at enterprise information management (EIM). The authors give tips on topics such as data integration and data quality, master data management, enterprise search, and enterprise content management. As well as the information published in the book, readers will find many useful hints and links to other documents and Web sites. Sometimes, readers should note, access to SAP’s service portal for customers, the SAP Service Marketplace, is required.

In the freely accessible SAP community network SDN, the best-built applications have their own dedicated area. Here, you’ll find blog entries, webinars, and a wiki on the topic.

Book to download: SAP Guidelines for Best-Built Applications That Integrate with SAP Business Suite

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Optimally linked: third-party software in the SAP system