SAP Partner News 30/2010

Neues aus dem SAP-Partnernetzwerk (Foto: All for One Midmarket AG)
Latest News from SAP Partners (photo: All for One Midmarket AG)

Conet joins Collaborative Business Initiative

Having obtained certification in compliant identity management and business process management, the IT systems and consulting firm Conet is to become a member of SAP Germany’s Collaborative Business Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to intensify cooperation between SAP and its service partners. According to Christian Bender, head of SAP Germany’s partner and ecosystem group, customers will profit from the resulting synergies in the form of improved service and optimized solutions.

ITML GmbH to hold SAP solution forum in 2010

The SAP systems provider ITML is organizing the ITML FORUM, and event focused on SAP solutions for small businesses and midsize companies, for the 11th time. Based on the theme “Conventional Topics, Modern Setting,” this year’s forum will revolve around connecting SAP ERP, SAP Business All-in-One, and other established software with new, process-oriented add-on solutions. Various companies will hold presentations to share their experiences in this area, such as Eberspächter GmbH & Co. KG, which handles its sales, marketing, and retail business analysis with SAP ERP and ITML’s customer relationship management solution.

Meanwhile, numerous other experts will give talks on enhancements and trends in SAP’s product portfolio. These topics will include upgrading SAP ERP with Enhancement Package 4, in-memory computing, SAP Business ByDesign, mobile use of SAP software, and the applications of SAP Business Suite. ITML FORUM is scheduled for October 27-28, 2010, at the SAP Arena in Mannheim, Germany.

All for One Midmarket monitoring midmarket software trends

The SAP partner All for One Midmarket has identified a trend beneficial to the midmarket in several SAP products currently undergoing testing. According to the company, the next version of SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW) will enable more flexible graphical data-flow modeling and semantic partitioning of objects. In addition to the further performance enhancements SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator offers, users will see a 40% speed increase in activating most data store objects. They will also be able to achieve a higher level of integration with SAP BusinessObjects enterprise information management (EIM) solutions. Meanwhile, the new SAP NetWeaver Business Client (release 3.0) makes it possible to access SAP Business All-in-One and other solutions from a uniform, central interface.

In addition, the next version of SAP NetWeaver Portal will facilitate a common means of integrating structured internal business data and external sources of information, such as forums and wikis. SAP BusinessObjects Explorer is to begin generating ALV lists in an attractive graphical format in SAP ERP, with introduction phases scheduled for the first and second quarters of 2011. All for One Midmarket plans to incorporate select customers into its tests and offer its own solutions around the same time as SAP releases its new products.

Comgroup offers add-on for materials planning in SAP

With Comgroup’s MRP Matrix user interface, procurement managers and warehouse administrators can take advantage of selection criteria beyond those in the SAP standard. The company’s SAP add-on factors key XYZ figures into its queries and calculates the corresponding ABC statistics. By displaying the results in a 2D matrix, the solution provides ad hoc information on warehouse stocks and the status of articles. MRP Matrix also supports integration into both new and existing SAP systems, and Business Add-In (BAdI) technology gives users the flexibility they need to supplement its functions.

REALTECH extends theGuard! Service Management Center 6.4

The SAP consulting specialist REALTECH had added end-to-end monitoring of process chains to the new version of its comprehensive IT management package. In addition, the company’s plug-and-play GUI robot makes it possible to simulate users’ application behavior. Observing process performance from a user’s perspective provides employees in business process- and business service management with further data and enables them to fully monitor procedures. REALTECH’s GUI robots are preconfigured, centrally controlled appliances that largely eliminate the need for local configurations.

Uniorg: SAP Rollout for Yazaki

The automotive supply company Yazaki is rolling out SAP software at 25 of its European branches with the help of the SAP partner Uniorg. Its goal is to establish a uniform system landscape with consolidated master data and implement auxiliary modules for data exchange (EDI), construction (CAD), and other areas. To prevent supply-chain disruptions, Yazaki and Uniorg conducted a lower-risk implementation at the former company’s plant in Ploieşti, Romania: Instead of taking the big-bang approach, the two partners adjusted each of Yazaki’s car lines – which manufacture wiring harnesses for specific vehicle types and consist of several production lines –to the new software one after the other.