SAP and Sybase: Incorporating In-Memory Technology

Zukunft kabelloses Unternehmen: Software von SAP und Sybase
The wireless company of the future – with software from SAP and Sybase (photo: Frank Völkel)

At a co-located event in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) and Boston (Massachusetts, United States), SAP Executive Board members Jim Hagemann Snabe (Co-CEO), Bill McDermott (Co-CEO), and Vishal Sikka (CTO), joined Sybase CEO John Chen for the first time to talk about strategies, roadmaps, and new products that will result from the acquisition of Sybase. McDermott pledged that, within nine months, the companies will bring together technologies to deliver a mobile platform for business that runs on all major mobile operating systems – such as iOS, Symbian, Android, and BlackBerry OS.

What’s more, the companies will integrate the SAP NetWeaver Mobile component and SAP BusinessObjects Mobile software with Sybase Unwired Platform. The two companies ultimately aim to strengthen their position as market leader in enterprise mobility software and drive the trend toward accessing enterprise data from anywhere. SAP Chief Technology Officer Vishal Sikka regards the transformation to the wireless enterprise as a once-in-a-generation occurrence, and compares it with the introduction of the client-server principle. According to McDermott, the acquisition of Sybase has made SAP the market leader for mobile enterprise virtually overnight.

Currently, 900 mobile operators and their four billion users work with Sybase products. As a result, the purchase of Sybase will also open up new fields of opportunity for partners in the SAP ecosystem.

In-memory computing technology

Since Hasso Plattner’s presentation at SAPPHIRE, in-memory databases have been on everybody’s lips at SAP. Sybase has powerful databases, which are now slated to be developed further using the in-memory technologies currently under development at SAP. Furthermore, SAP’s flagship software SAP Business Suite will be ported to the Sybase database ASE 15.0. An initial beta version is slated to be released in the second half of 2011. ASE 15.0 is already certified for SAP BusinessObjects XI and Crystal Reports. Despite the focus on the Sybase databases, SAP will retain its own ecosystem and will continue to support all leading databases, including Oracle, IBM, and so on.

Sybase to remain independent

The Executive Board members from SAP and Sybase again stressed that Sybase will remain an independent business after the acquisition. Sybase produced excellent results over the past few years and grew faster than its competitors. However, the sales teams of the two companies will also sell each other’s products wherever this makes sense.

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