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Free ERP-Client for iPhone: Download Business ByDesign 2.5
ERP-Client on the iPhone: Download Business ByDesign 2.5 for free

If leading market researchers are to be believed, the future of the software industry lies in a strict division of labor. The customer uses certain functions and doesn’t need to devote time to configuration tasks, while the provider takes care of staging and storing all the data. This means SAP Business ByDesign could soon establish itself neatly in a niche that has yet to be filled.

Comprehensive ERP software packages that you can access using a Web browser have been around for some time now, but they are now being joined by apps for iPads and iPhones. Similar offerings on the market are currently few and far between, and there are definitely no others available for state-of-the-art tablet PCs or smartphones – see also our article Three Starter Packages. In combination with an SAP customer account, SAP Business ByDesign can run both on a Web browser and on mobile devices. The ERP package provides functions for accounting, financials, and purchasing.

Kompaktes ERP als App auf dem iPhone
Slim ERP as an App on the iPhone

The software aims to meet the needs of midmarket customers who don’t want to worry about running their own IT infrastructure. SAP Business ByDesign 2.5 was unveiled as an iPad app to a select few at this year’s SAPPHIRE (see also the article SAP for iPads: It’s All Going Mobile).

And it does look better on a tablet PC than on an iPhone, despite the fact that the latest iPhone has a high resolution display of 960×640 pixels. According to the editorial team, the software gives a more balanced impression on the iPad, with 1024×768 pixels. The iPad version is slated for general availability before the end of the year.

Both devices – the iPad and the iPhone – reflect the zeitgeist and trends of their era. So it’s no wonder that products initially intended for the consumer market are becoming widely accepted in the business world, while business apps are losing their difficult-to-grasp character.

Three preconfigured starter packages are available together with the feature pack 2.5 for SAP Business ByDesign. The starter packages can be implemented for ten users or more, provide selected functions, and can be enhanced with additional functions at a later stage. One of the starter packages, for example, is for customer relationship management (CRM), and offers best practices for automating sales activities.

Download link for SAP Business ByDesign 2.5 (iPhone)

To use the app, you’ll need iOS 3.1.3 or later on your iPhone.

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Coming soon on the iPad in typical shape: Business ByDesign 2.5
Coming soon on the iPad in typical shape: Business ByDesign 2.5