Reader’s Choice: Top Articles August 2010

Free BI software, ERP upgrade guide and the iPad generated lots of interest (graphic: Benjamin Blaume)
Free BI software, an ERP upgrade guide and the iPad generated lots of interest (graphic: grasundsterne)

Number 5: Save $ 195: SAP BI Software for Free

SAP_Crystal_Presentation_Design_1Interested in generating interactive graphics and dashboards from Microsoft Excel files? You can download SAP Crystal Presentation Design for free until the end of 2010 – read on for more details.

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Number 4: DIY: Upgrade SAP R/3 to SAP ERP 6.0


Thinking of upgrading your SAP software and transferring your data as you move to new hardware? In our new article series, we’ll show you the basics of carrying out an SAP ERP upgrade, right up to the point of going live. For an overview, simply continue reading part one.

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Number 3: Facebook meets SAP


Facebook is the undisputed number one social networking site. Now, Facebook users can analyze their profile with the free Friend Network Optimizer. But what exactly can the app do?

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Number 2: The Best Business Apps for Your iPad


There’s no denying that tablet PCs like the iPad are destined to become well and truly rooted in the business world and smart apps are slated to replace conventional software. We took a look at apps for day-to-day business use.

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Number 1: SAP ERP 6.0 at a Fixed Price

sap_ehp5_erp6_2Upgrades and updates take time, money, and an understanding of technical and organizational aspects. Here, delivers the facts on how to bring your SAP software up to speed, as well as what it will cost.

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