The New Digital Wonderland


For many people, the Internet fulfills their everydesire. However, the line between what is real and what only seems to be real online is shifting. So much what like Alice experienced when she followed the White Rabbit to Wonderland, today’s “internauts” are experiencing a virtual reality that contains a number of inconsistencies – but also untold possibilities.

The Internet – a digital Wonderland? While that might be going a bit far, the paradigm of networking does suggest the increasing virtualization of the business world and life in general. For companies, this presents a variety of opportunities, and SAP is at the forefront of those working on the Internet and the IT solutions of tomorrow.

SAP Research, the global technology research unit of SAP, collaborates with partners from science and industry on identifying medium- to long-term trends and investigating their potential for creating value. In numerous projects, SAP Research works with customers and partners to define its own trends by developing prototypes of forward-thinking applications and generating promising ideas.

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