Sound of Sustainability


Every tiny hair, every pore, every drop of sweat – today’s audiences can watch their favorite actors in unprecedented detail from the comfort of their own sofas. This is made possible by high-definition screens, which are leaving conventional movie theaters further and further behind.

But winning over film enthusiasts takes more than just a modern television. You also need the right sound and ambience for that silver-screen feeling in your living room. Hi-fi manufacturers are following suit with devices that promise customers improved audiovisual pleasure. Some manufacturers are taking this one or even several steps further. The Danish company Bang & Olufsen, for example, markets a home cinema system called BeoLiving.

A complete entertainment experience, it integrates in a single remote control the television, DVD player, projector, and surround sound, as well as lighting, curtains, and roller blinds. Admittedly, this doesn’t come cheap. But Bang & Olufsen also offers the customer exclusive designs in addition to audiovisual experiences.

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