Not just at any Price


50% discount, 70% off, everything must go: a scene that plays out twice a year in Paolo Bianchi’s men’s boutique. Bianchi and his employees then reprice their entire inventory in a matter of days. At the end of the season with prices in freefall, the clothing retailer is forced to clean out his warehouse – after all, the next collection is already on its way. And what does he base his discounts on? “My experience and gut feeling,” says

Generating business insight

At chain stores, the size of the discounts and their influence on revenue and profit take on even larger dimensions. Reason enough for an international fashion retail chain to turn to the analyst experts at SAP’s Performance and Insight Optimization (PIO) services organization, a global team of advanced level mathematicians, industry insiders, developers, business intelligence gurus, and specialists in data processing. Their job: creating complex analysis and modeling, and turning them into highly valuable business insight.

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