Care Taker


Robert Botha clearly remembers the day of his epiphany. It was while he was working for the South African diplomatic corps in Paris between 1999 and 2003 to promote and manage cooperation in the field of social development and health.

He was having lunch with a representative from SAP, and the conversation turned to the huge challenge facing South African society of providing adequate care for the many orphans of AIDS. How would it be possible to tap the wealth of social capital in today’s civil society and – in doing so – mobilize a response to match the catastrophic proportions of the situation? Approximately 5.6 million people live with HIV in South Africa.

As a consequence the country has a very high percentage of orphans and vulnerable children. Botha – today CEO of the James 1:27 Trust based in Pretoria, South Africa – outlines the staggering numbers: “We estimate conservatively that there are 1.5 million maternal orphans and many more we don’t know about. This is not a unique situation – the pattern is similar throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

You will find the whole article in the current SAP SPECTRUM.

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