How We Share Content Is Pure


What are the main topics for your members at the moment?

Anthony Bosco: Mobility is a key topic for our members. We’re always connected – and we want the ability to get information that has an effect on a particular outcome, transaction, or event, regardless of the device, regardless of where we are. I’ve heard SAP talk about on premise, on demand, on device, and I think that’s brilliant in terms of being specific and snappy. It helps you visualize where the company is headed.

Where do ASUG members see need for improvement at SAP?

What SAP needs to improve is communication. SAP has a path that it’s moving down quickly. That path changes, and there are many different influencers in the market and competitors. That’s all good. I think what SAP needs to do is to take those changes and keep bringing them back to a vision that is clearly communicated. This path needs to be simple and clear, and when things change, the changes need to be reconciled against this clear vision. ASUG can help here. The closer we work together to understand where SAP is headed as an organization and as a solution and platform provider, the better we can simplify that message.

You will find the whole article in the current SAP SPECTRUM.

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