Building a Bright Legacy


As the company responsible for building such structures as Madison Square Garden and the new Yankee Stadium, Turner Construction Company has earned an impressive reputation for managing the construction of large and complex building projects. The company has long recognized that earning and protecting its reputation is very important and that its strongest asset is its people.

As a result, the company invests heavily in its people, processes, and technology to meet customer needs. “Like many other businesses, we experienced a reduction in the availability of work during the economic downturn,” says senior vice president Rick Bach. “But we have weathered the storm well by focusing on our core values and fulfilling our commitments to our clients and staff.”

Bach says that as markets expand rapidly, there often is little time “to check the fuel gauge to ensure there is enough gas in the tank.” But when things become challenging and markets become much more competitive, the accuracy and timeliness of financial data and the ability to forecast become even more important.

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