The Case for Virtualization: Video Interview with Bernhard Schulzki

SAP’s customers are increasingly adopting virtualization, and are taking steps to adopt cloud computing across their data centers – – all in a quest to reduce total cost of ownership and increase flexibility with virtualization and cloud computing. SAP is developing tools and services that will make it easier to run SAP systems in the cloud, and simultaneously provide as much automation as possible. These tools will help SAP software to run smoothly on virtualized and abstracted infrastructure.

But while some SAP customers and partners are already using their own solutions, others have indicated that they expect SAP to provide something in this space. Customers realize that once they venture beyond simple copying and cloning of data, they reach the point where they need SAP’s expertise.

Find out what SAP has in store in this area by watching the  video interview with Bernhard Schulzki,  responsible for SAP’s solutions for virtualization and cloud management.