The Potential of Business Analytics to Optimize Every Decision We Make

At SAP TechEd I sat down to discuss the new services offerings that map to the 10 SAP BusinessObjects analytic applications we announced in September. These are fixed-scope, fixed-price offerings that help customers get up and running in as little as eight weeks. Watch the video below for details. 

Also, I recently met with a Fortune 500 company that is undergoing a great deal of transformation—transformation that is affected by every decision-making process, from evaluating and positioning brands to analyzing performance in specific geographies.

A set of senior executives came to our meeting representing every sector of the company to get an update on what SAP is doing with business analytics and our advances in in-memory computing. I demonstrated an early version of our High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA), with a subset of their data consisting of 500 million records. We analyzed the data right in front of them and received a response we seem to get a lot lately—eyes opening wide! The implications for this company, and for many companies, is tremendous: the immediate ability to optimize distribution center allotments, to optimize product mix per retailer group and to monitor warranty claims, among others.

The nature of my job puts me in touch with customers on a regular basis, and I’ll be using this space to share some of the insights that come from those meetings—trends I am observing as well as ideas that may help companies apply business analytics strategically and effectively. If you have topic ideas, please feel free to comment below or send them to me at