Consumer Products Companies Looking to “Consume” Analytics

This past week I had the opportunity to participate in SAP’s Consumer Products Advisory Council (CPAC) meeting in Mexico City. With executives from over 20 of the world’s leading consumer products companies, this seemed like an ideal forum to have an open discussion about business analytics with SAP’s most trusted, and invested, customers. I took the opportunity to present SAP’s vision and strategy for business analytics and analytic applications for industries and line-of-business consumers. In addition, EJ Kenney presented our plans for SAP® High-Performance Analytic Appliance (SAP HANA) software in the context of consumer industries.

The executives were very engaged, extending the session and wanting to dive deeper into our plans and road maps. In a subsequent set of breakout sessions we brainstormed areas of business analytics that were of high demand in their enterprises. Many of the customers had identical requirements, and the areas for co-innovation were extensive. We even asked the executives to consider in which business analytics use cases would in-memory technologies be most applicable. There were several. For example, the area of consumer sentiment analysis and other scenarios in which real-time information is critical such as Point of Sale analysis.

In many of my sidebar conversations with clients, they wanted to dive deeper into our plans, and in true trusted advisor form, they wanted to provide input and insight into our road maps. They were impressed that SAP was taking the lead in developing analytic applications that can fulfill many of their analytic requirements out-of-the-box. In-memory and HANA was clearly of high interest. The sense I got was that SAP was at the forefront in investing in these areas. With no less than a half-dozen follow-up meetings being scheduled, I am convinced we at SAP are on to something significant and game-changing.