Enhance the Network


What will one of your first areas of focus be in your new role?

Tonnie van der Horst: I want to improve the way we cooperate in our charter work. The goal is to create an exchange where professionals from all over the world can use the results of these charters. To take a step back: The charter process begins with each user group collecting feedback from its members, and then we determine key priorities across all user groups. Once they have been identified, members from each user group develop a charter that outlines problems, expected results, and shows how solving the problems would be valuable to both the user group and SAP.

The SAP Enterprise Support charter, for example, has by no means ended. Currently, its members are working together to find ways to better determine how SAP Enterprise Support creates value, how it can be made tangible to customers and user communities, and how we can ensure that it actually scales up quickly above the 100 customers who are now involved in the KPI program. At the same time, we need to link this charter into the wider user community as soon as possible so that other SAP users and members of user groups can benefit from the results. We know there’s value in SAP Enterprise Support, but we also know this value can’t be consumed without exchanging information.

You will find the whole article in the current SAP SPECTRUM.

Free download: The current article of SAP SPECTRUM Issue 3 | 2010.