“There’s still so much to do”


You became SAP’s Chief Sustainability Officer in March 2009. What progress has SAP made in this area so far?

Peter Graf: We began looking intensively at the topic of sustainability at SAP in 2008, and we have certainly achieved a great deal since then. But the very nature of my job means that I can never be satisfied. There’s still so much to do.

Such as?

Well, we haven’t yet succeeded in convincing all SAP employees that sustainable behavior is the way forward. Also, with the global economy starting to pick up momentum again, we’re seeing an increase in the number of businessrelated flights, which are the biggest contributor to our carbon footprint. But we have invested heavily in telepresence and videoconferencing technology, and we will continue to do so. And we have achieved a lot. We managed to reduce our internal energy consumption by 7% in 2009. We used 25% less paper, and our carbon emissions fell by 15%. Admittedly, the global economic crisis played a role here. But still we managed to save about €90 million – significantly exceeding our original goal of  €10 million.

How do you rate SAP’s performance as a supplier of sustainability solutions?

Extremely good. We’ve successfully taken homegrown developments, such as SAP BusinessObjects Sustainability Performance Management, to market, and we’ve extended our portfolio significantly through acquisitions – for example, Clear Standards, Inc., which had provided the expertise for SAP Carbon Impact OnDemand. We also acquired our long-standing partner TechniData, which specializes in environment, health, and safety-related solutions. Our sustainability map gives customers an overview
of the sustainability issues they need to address together with the corresponding SAP solutions.

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