Perfect Flow


You expect applause when the curtain closes, not when it opens. But on the stage that is the plant floor, parting the curtain on manufacturing is the whole point of the performance, and what has drawn an ovation for Sweet Ovations. The company then earned a curtain call by linking the SAP Manufacturing Integration
and Intelligence (SAP MII) application with the SAP ERP application.

This way it not only gets a real-time view into production, but also rolls up the data to planning, quality, distribution, customer service, and operations management for better decision making. “We were looking for visibility into events as they happened,” says Joseph Cleary, vice president for finance at the Philadelphia-based process manufacturer. “Equally important, these metrics needed to flow to the business system, so the vice president of operations could see and measure the business against the same information.”

At Sweet Ovations, tight integration between SAP MII and SAP ERP now enables a continuous, bidirectional flow of data. SAP ERP production schedules are transmitted to SAP MII and assigned to one of the company’s seven production lines. Shop-floor workers view the orders and confirm data related to raw materials, manufacturing times, and standards. Once they complete the job, their data entries inform reports on quality, yield, and variances.

You will find the whole article in the current SAP SPECTRUM.

Free download: The current article of SAP SPECTRUM Issue 3 | 2010.