Sleepless in Berlin: Team One Develops Analytics Solution in 30 Hours

At this year’s SAP TechEd Berlin five individuals came together to develop a proof-of-concept (PoC) solution for a non-profit organization that tracks marketing campaigns using the SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand solution. This team, which is called “Team One,” was one of seven teams to develop mock-up solutions as part of Innovation Weekend, a new SAP TechEd event.

Team One’s solution mock-up was selected as the winner of Innovation Weekend Berlin, qualifying them to present their solution at the Demo Jam. On a side note, I heard many comments from attendees after the Demo Jam suggesting that Team One had a better demo than the Demo Jam finalists. Considering that the Demo Jam participants had months to prepare their demos and Team One only had only 30 hours, this is quite an achievement.

The challenge at hand for Team One was not easy. Their task was to:

  • Develop a proof-of-concept solution about a topic unfamiliar to them, in an industry they knew little about.
  • Work with people they had never met.
  • Develop a proof-of-concept solution using tools they had never used.
  • And do this in only 30 consecutive hours. (Without stopping to sleep!)

I had a great conversation with one team member, Gregor Wolf. Gregor is an SAP mentor and blogger and works with an SAP customer. He shared with me how the team was able to complete their proof-of-concept solution using the SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand solution.

Team One (left to right): Ilya Nikokoshev, NLMK; Norbert Schambeck, Notabilius; Phil Loewen, it360°; Gregor Wolf, Computerservice Wolf and Chris Arundell, Analytical Methods.

As part of the project, Team One was provided with mock campaign data – a lot of information from various sources! It was a no-brainer to the team that the SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand solution was the only product capable of visualizing the data via reports, on mobile devices, and to do so quickly. Despite never having used the system, the team did not need to do any programming to feed the data into the SAP solution. Once the data was loaded, the SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand solution quickly prepared the data for analysis on a user’s desktop. The analysis then generated reports that track where donations are made, making it easy for a non-profit organization to identify the best locations for targeting their marketing campaigns.

In addition, the team showed how the analysis could be made available via mobile devices using SAP BusinessObjects Explorer software. This was really cool, because the marketing manager responsible for the campaigns can get on-the-go updates, enabling him or her to make informed and instant decisions.

Team One left SAP TechEd as the winners of Innovation Weekend, each with four new friends. Watch for them next year at Demo Jam, because they are already working on a business case to submit for SAP TechEd 2011.

Click here to check out the full demo of the mock-up solution from Innovation Weekend winner Team One!