China’s Heightened Interest in the SAP Ecosystem Stands Out at SAP TechEd Shanghai

In Shanghai, space-age skyscrapers jut out from lines of century-old shop houses, while 100-meter freighters dwarf 100-year-old junks as both ply the turbid waters of the Yangtze. And it all works for the metropolis of 17-million. SAP SVP Xiaoqun Clever likens this dichotomy and harmony of old and new in the city to businesses’ IT landscapes. Companies are looking to max out their existing hardware and applications but at the same time don’t want to miss out on potentially valuable technology trends.

Maxing out…

Björn Goerke, SVP Technology & Innovation Platform Core, cited the concept of timeless software as SAP’s response to customer requirements of evolving existing assets and introducing innovation. “This is at the heart of what we do,” Björn said. “Getting the architecture right so that evolution and innovations can come together to create new value for our customers.” This evolution can be found in the enhancements to existing SAP solutions – most recently to SAP NetWeaver, SAP BusinessObjects 4, and the offerings under the SAP Company Sybase.

With the release of SAP NetWeaver 7.3 in October of this year, customers have a Java EE5-certified technology platform offering significant extensibility, as well as interaction in the form of SAP NetWeaver Portal Enterprise Workspaces and Duet Enterprise.

SAP also enhanced its business intelligence and enterprise information management offering in the form of SAP BusninessObjects 4, offering event insight capabilities, an engaging and consistent UI, and a new semantic layer.

Irfan Khan, VP and Chief Technology Officer at Sybase, highlighted the opportunities that Sybase brings to the mix, such as the SAP Mobile Sales for CRM, embedded Sybase Complex Event Processing, and the promise of the Sybase Unwired Platform together with the fruits of project “Gateway.”  ”The opportunity going forward and working with our partners is bringing to bear the assets of [SAP and Sybase] and bringing them to market on premise, on demand, and on device -making this a real, saleable opportunity.”

…Without missing out

SAP SVP and global head of Design & New Applications Xiaoqun Clever took the stage to explain to attendees what specific innovations they can look forward to from SAP in the areas of in-memory computing, cloud computing, and mobility. Most relevant to the day was in-memory computing: That morning, SAP announced the availability of SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance (SAP HANA) software, which leverages advances in main memory and processor technology to deliver benefits to analytics and enable customers to analyze large quantities of data from virtually any source in real time.

Regarding cloud computing, Xiaoqun highlighted SAP’s increasing ability to offer simple, easy to use applications for lines of business – without disrupting landscapes.

On the mobility front, SAP will increasingly bring new mobile applications to customers – especially in growing economies like china – and enable existing applications to be consumed on mobile devices. Platforms from SAP and Sybase will come together to enable this new mobile reality.

SAP China’s leaders commend country’s role in innovation

Shang-Ling Jui, Managing Director of SAP Labs China, reviewed the steady growth of SAP TechEd Shanghai from 550 attendees in 2006 to more than 2,000 attendees in 2010. He thanked SAP customers and partners for their continuous support of SAP TechEd Shanghai and assured them that they would draw even more value from the two days, fully packed with inspiring lectures and hands-on sessions.

Hera Siu, President of SAP China, congratulated SAP Labs China on hosting SAP TechEd for four consecutive years and encouraged the audience to feel the power of innovation through the newest technologies and applications from SAP. She stressed that China is not only one of the largest markets in the world, but also the fertile ground for technical innovation. She also expressed SAP’s commitment to growing in China with local partners through a cohesive ecosystem.

China’s Got Talent: DemoJam debuts in the Middle Kingdom

China’s SAP Community Network members filed into the ballroom later that evening to witness their premiere of the renowned DemoJam. Before the clocks started ticking [contestants have just six minutes to present their demos], SVP of SCN Mark Yolton invited China’s top contributors on stage to be recognized.

The gongs then sounded: Six finalists from a “Dashboard Design Challenge” came on stage to showcase their innovations with community members. Some were experienced BI experts; others recent graduates or simply business intelligence fans. But each had a knack and a fondness for sleek and stylish dashboards.


“I’m an art lover,” said Eric Chan of IT Channel, who took home the grand prize with his retail performance dashboard. “I want to design the most beautiful dashboard that can help enterprises make better decisions.” Though shy, he could not hide his excitement in meeting so many friends with the same interest in dashboard design.

“I’m really surprised and honored to be one of the finalists at the Demo Jam,” said Dan Ai of Shunya Communications Group. A journalist by trade, Ai crafted a dashboard that presents data from the daily operations at an airport, including departure time, flight number, cargo weight, number of travelers, and flight punctuality.  ”I learned a lot from the other contestants and their excellent work,” she added.

Day two of SAP TechEd Shanghai begins with more educational sessions. The event is being held in parallel with SAP TechEd Bangalore, which featured SAP Executive Board member Vishal Sikka’s keynote, as in Las Vegas and Berlin in October.