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Die besten Apps für iPhone und iPad (Grafik: grasundsterne)
Top Apps for iPhone and iPad (graphic: grasundsterne)

SAP EcoHub 1.0.1

SAP EcoHub für iPhone und iPad
SAP EcoHub

Which value-added system reseller implements which software? Which partners specialize in which industries? SAP EcoHub is an online marketplace where SAP customers will find the software and the implementation partners they need. It is now available free of charge in English and French for iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

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ebf connector für iPhone: Zugriff auf SAP-Daten
ebf connector for iPhone

Thanks to the ebf.connector, you can access your SAP system, synchronize your calendar, or grant approvals on the move. This app is available for use with iPhones, BlackBerrys, and Windows Mobile smartphones. As well as English, the languages German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish are supported.

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Quickoffice Mobile Suite 3.1.0

Mit QuickOffice unterwegs Word-Dokumente bearbeiten
QuickOffice Mobile Suite

Quickoffice Mobile Suite is like a slimline Microsoft Office for iPhones. With the app, you can transfer files and work with them on your mobile device. Similar to the Microsoft Office software package, this mini program offers functions such as font and color selection and format templates. There’s also QuickSheet, which brings Microsoft Excel capabilities to your smartphone. Quickoffice Mobile Suite is available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese. It can be purchased from the iTunes store and costs U.S.$4.99.

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SAP BusinessObjects Explorer 2.0.319

Grafiken aus Daten: BusinessObjects Explorer

With SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, you can create sophisticated graphics from large quantities of data. And this business intelligence software is also available as an app. The app accesses data that is located in the working memory of SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator. If you deploy SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator, you can use it free of charge. Please note that it is available in English only.

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Office2 HD 3.6

Office2HD ist das Office-Programm fürs iPad
Office2HD ist das Office-Programm fürs iPad

While Quickoffice Mobile Suite is ideal for use with the iPhone, Office2 HD goes hand-in-hand with the iPad. Office documents can be transferred to your iPad using cloud services such as Dropbox or MobileMe, or by WLAN. A particularly useful feature of the app is its support for docx file formats. As a result, you can process Word documents as well as Excel spreadsheets. However, you can view PowerPoint presentations but not edit them. The app costs U.S.$7.99 from the iTunes store.

smart Bring-Me-Back 1.0.3

Die App führt Sie zurück zu Ihrem Auto
Die App führt Sie zurück zu Ihrem Auto

You don’t have to drive a smart to benefit from this app. Owners of other makes of car – or even bicycle – could find this app invaluable, too. It helps those of us with short memories to find our way back to our vehicle. Just to be on the safe side, you can even take a photo of your car or a nearby landmark (such as a shop window or a street sign). The app registers the location immediately and takes you back there using Google Maps.

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