Update: Business All-in-One

BI-Funktionen und neue Bedienoberflächen: Update Business All-in-One (Screenshot: SAP AG)
Update Business All-in-One (Screenshot: SAP AG)

SAP Business All-in-One is looking back at years of steady growth and reliable delivery of industry- and cross-industry-specific packages equipping channel partners and customer globally with a rapid approach toward reaping the benefits of the SAP Business Suite and SAP BusinessObjects portfolio in a fully integrated and scalable fashion.

While the depth and breadth of SAP Business All-in-One solutions was and is clearly rated as market-leading by customers and analysts, the user experience remained an area for improvement.

At the 2009 Influencer Summit, the Business All-in-One team demonstrated a new approach toward user experience in conjunction with the use of the SAP NetWeaver Business Client: A fresh look & feel with fully integrated business intelligence that drives business process execution and improves user productivity. A commitment was made to deliver this “new face for SAP Business All-in-One” within 2010.

Now, in December 2010, SAP Business All-in-One is releasing the first packaged user experience as the latest extension to its portfolio to customers and partners participating in the ramp-up of the SAP enhancement package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0.

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Cashmanagement in der neuen Bedienoberfläche von Business All-in-One (Screenshot: SAP AG)
Business All-in-One: Cashmanagement (Screenshot: SAP AG)

Leveraging SAP NetWeaver Business Client and ABAP Web Dynpro Page Builder, the first package provides predefined user interface content to establish a new, out-of-the-box user experience for various roles in sales, purchasing, accounting, manufacturing, financials, project management, human resources, and management.

“With our packaged user experience, we offer our partners and customers something radically new and appealing,” says Robert Viehmann, senior vice president, head of global SAP Business All-in-One development. “With a single screen, users can immediately access the most important capabilities to perform their job.”

He adds, “SAP Business All-in-One was the first solution to package fully integrated business intelligence with end-to-end business scenarios. The new face for Business All-in-One takes the next step by marrying business intelligence and business capabilities on the same user interface, making business intelligence a true driver for business process execution.”

This new offering was not created in isolation. In fact, it is the result of one of the biggest co-innovation projects ever conducted within Business All-in-One. Over eight different channel partners in multiple countries worked with the Business All-in-One development team across all phases of the project to ensure a high market fit – among others partners include All-for-One Midmarket AG, Ciber AG, cormeta AG, and itelligence AG.

“Our channel partners greatly appreciated the opportunity to be part of the development project from the very beginning” says Robert Vetter, senior vice president, head of SME portfolio development. “Via this co-innovation we bring together the best of two worlds to create a winning combination – the capabilities of our solution offerings and the leading market expertise of our partners.”

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Business-All-In-One: Qualitymanagement
Business-All-In-One: Qualitymanagement (Screenshot: SAP AG)

The new face of Business All-in-One contains built-in scaling capabilities. Leveraging the pre-defined user experience content from Business All-in-One and the underlying ABAP WebDynpro Page Builder, partners can easily extend the user experience to cover deep industry requirements and their unique market expertise as part of their own Business All-in-One solutions – with limited to no programming efforts at all. Enablement sessions are under way to teach partners how to best utilize the new offerings.

Feedback received from partners up to now already indicates a rapid adoption within the partner eco-system. “We were glad to be part of this development at an early stage. Looking at our fifteen years of Business All-in-One experience, we can bring a lot of input from our customers to the table. With this new offering, we are now able to come to new user interfaces with a few clicks and easily go the last mile to our customers who then also have a comprehensive way to personalize their user experience without the need for technical skills” states Lars Landwehrkamp, CEO at All for One Midmarket AG.

For 2011, additional deliveries are planned. These will focus on extending the new face of Business All-in-One to more countries, more industry-specifics, and more roles in a company.