Road Maps on Service Marketplace

Wissen wo es lang geht: Im Service Marketplace gibt es Infos zu geplanten Releases. (Foto: Fotolia)
New Software Releases on SAP Service Marketplaces available for Customers. (photo: Fotolia)

This move represents SAP’s response to the demand many customers and user groups have expressed for a comprehensive overview of SAP’s current products, a look into the company’s development plans, and presentations of strategic development topics and co-innovation areas. SAP already began providing such information to customers and partners in 2009 – mainly in individual road-map meetings – but releasing it on SAP Service Marketplace makes it available online to all customers and partners at their convenience.

Each road map is meant to help those interested improve their understanding of a particular element of the SAP portfolio, gain insight into upcoming enhancements, and prepare for future innovations. Together, these guides form a transparent basis upon which customers can plan their investments and follow the development of SAP’s products.

A planning and orientation aid

While road maps do contain the forward-looking information their description suggests on trends and planned innovations, the apt observation “Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future” – often attributed to Danish physicist Niels Bohr – also has its merits. SAP’s road maps should thus be regarded not as definite statements or commitments, but as a planning and orientation aid.

Interested customers and partners can also take part in “Live Expert Sessions,” where solution managers delve into the details of the road map in their area and answer questions. A list of scheduled webinars is also available to registered users of SAP Service Marketplace, and current SAP customers can contact their customer representatives about booking an on-site presentation. The SAP Community Network, meanwhile, offers further information and opportunities for discussion.

Always up-to-date

SAP’s road maps will require regular updates to stay current on the latest releases and further innovations planned for the corresponding products. Just as the company fine-tunes its portfolio and grows into new areas, these guides will constantly adjust and expand to cover new topics, such as on-demand, in-memory technology, and mobile devices.

Road Maps for better planning (Screenshot: SAP)