Looking Ahead to This Year’s CeBIT

A tour of the exhibition grounds: CeBIT highlights 2011 (photo: Deutsche Messe)
A tour of the exhibition grounds: CeBIT highlights 2011 (photo: Deutsche Messe)

It’s that time of the year again. IT experts and representatives from leading hardware andsoftware companies are soon to meet at CeBIT – the ICT sector’s biggest, most international event – held this year from March 1 through 5 in the German city of Hanover. Between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., visitors can find out about new hardware products, technologies, IT concepts, business trends, and software applications.

3D technology, cloud computing, apps, mobile solutions, social media, and 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) – the successor to UMTS – are set to dominate this year’s event. What’s more, some exhibitors will be turning their attention to the smart grid.

So that you can plan your trip to CeBIT 2011 optimally, we gathered together the highlights from SAP’s partner companies. Read on to find out what new products you’ll be able to see:

Know where you’re headed at CeBIT 2011 (photo: Deutsche Messe)
Know where you’re headed at CeBIT 2011 (photo: Deutsche Messe)

ALPHA Business Solutions: SAP Business ByDesign for Smartphones, Hall 5, Booth C 36

ALPHA Business Solutions will be showing off its mobile version of SAP Business ByDesign, demonstrating how this subscription-based software works on iPhones, iPads, BlackBerrys, and Windows Mobile devices. Through apps, users can access accounts and contacts, manage their activities, create orders, check product availability, generate reports, and grant approvals.

Steeb: SAP Business ByDesign, Hall 5, Booth A 18

As one of the first SAP partners to add SAP Business ByDesign to its portfolio, Steeb’s spotlight at CeBIT will be on the on-demand solution. SAP Business ByDesign can be compared with a “mini” SAP Business Suite. It comprises an entire cloud-based ERP application. The Steeb experts will be on hand to inform customers and prospects about licenses, support, and how the solution works. What’s more, you’ll be able to see preconfigured best practices for financial management, customer relationship management, human resources management, project management, and logistics.

Winshuttle: Transferring Excel Data to SAP, Hall 5, Booth A 03

Winshuttle is making its CeBIT debut this year. The company develops software for transferring data between Microsoft Excel and SAP. Data can be extracted and analyzed using Winshuttle Query. Winshuttle Forms is deployed to create PDF and HTML forms. Furthermore, Winshuttle will be introducing its Usability Business Value Assessment (UBVA) process at CeBIT and will use real-time data to demonstrate which transactions are performed most frequently within an organization. UBVA will then compare the number of transactions with the transactions that would have been necessary if the company had run Winshuttle software. The aim is to prove that Winshuttle software requires fewer transactions to be executed. Log data from SAP customers will be used as a basis for the calculation.

Fujitsu MZ900: a virtual workstation in the form of a USB drive (photo: Fujitsu)
Fujitsu MZ900: a virtual workstation in the form of a USB drive (photo: Fujitsu)

Fujitsu: Virtualization Using a USB Drive, Hall 2, Booth B 38, Hall 9 (Public Sector Parc), Hall 14 (Planet Reseller)

Among the topics that Fujitsu will be examining are cloud computing and virtualization. Its Portable Zero Client MZ900 is destined to bring added mobility to workers everywhere: The virtualization client is installed on a USB drive, enabling users to access their company workstation from any Windows PC.

What’s more, Fujitsu will have 13 security packages for cloud computing on show. The company’s standard package includes intrusion detection and prevention, firewalling and secure web server technology.

All for One Midmarket: Add-Ons for the Manufacturing Industry, Hall 5, Booth B 18

At the All for One Midmarket booth, you’ll find outsourcing services and SAP solutions for machinery and plant engineering and construction as well as for the automotive industry, plus industry-specific add-ons. The company’s plant data collection add-on for analyzing time events reconciles planned and confirmed operations in the manufacturing industry. Routings can be updated with another dedicated plant data collection add-on. All for One Midmarket’s add-on for dialog service document output management maps ordering processes based on drawings. What’s more, you can find out how to display role-specific content using SAP NetWeaver Business Client. At CeBIT, the company will also be focusing on analyzing business data using business analytics and BI software.

itelligence: SAP CRM for iPhones and iPads, Hall 4, Booth C 04 and Hall 5, Booth B 24

itelligence will be using CeBIT to present its new it.x-mobile software, which customers can use to work with SAP solutions on all types of smartphone – such as iPhones, iPads, or Android-based phones. The company developed various business scenarios:

it.x-mobile Service is specially tailored to the needs of service employees. Thanks to the software, technicians receive information from a service order about a malfunction, along with the name of the device and its ID. By hooking up the navigation system, they receive a route description to the customer. Once employees are on site, the scan function enables them to enter the spare parts required. The software can also be used for billing purposes.

it.x-mobile Sales is designed to optimally equip field sales employees for appointments with customers. The software displays contacts, sales, plan values, inbound payments, open items, content, and deadlines. Feedback and information about opportunities can be entered directly and stored temporarily. When employees connect with the Internet through UMTS or WLAN, the data is automatically transferred to SAP CRM.

To enable better management of human resources, itelligence developed it.x-mobile ESS/MSS. Now users can create leave requests, check their calendars, and manage their quota of annual leave while away from the office.

Cubeware software runs on iPads (photo: Cubeware)
Cubeware software runs on iPads (photo: Cubeware)

Cubeware: Tools for Developing Apps, Hall 6, Booth B 22

Cubeware specializes in BI solutions for analyzing, planning, and creating dashboards and reports. At the company’s booth, visitors will have the opportunity to see the new release 3 of Cubeware CockpitV6pro. The new version has more functions, including ad hoc analyses and geo-spatial analyses.

What’s more, there’ll be a sneak preview of release 4, which will contain an enhanced package of charts. These include mini graphics, sparklines, trendlines, and functions for analytically formatting graphics, as well as the option of positioning comments wherever you like.

Another attraction at the Cubeware booth is destined to be the single desktop version Cubeware CockpitV6pro FREE LIMITED. The software previously ran only on Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, IBM Cognos, TM1, Infor PM OLAP, and SAP BW, but now it also works with Oracle Hyperion Essbase.

And: Visitors will be able to get a glimpse of the new version of Cubeware Importer. Cubeware Importer is used to model, extract, and transform data. In addition, it can load data from relational operational systems as well as write from relational to relational, for example, so that staging areas or data warehouses can be set up. A further feature of the Importer is that it enables data to be transferred from one multidimensional database to another.

However, Cubeware’s highlight at CeBIT this year is slated to be its Mobile Service Architecture. This is the cornerstone for developing apps – because developers can use it to work with the software development kits from all smartphone and tablet PC providers, such as Apple, RIM, and HTC. In the future, reports and dashboards will be available on demand over the Internet and can be connected to apps.

cormeta: Interfaces for Hardware, Hall 5, Booth C 17

cormeta is known for its industry-specific SAP Business All-in-One solutions. These include FOODsprint for the food industry, TRADEsprint for wholesalers, and FASHIONsprint for textiles. In the future, cormeta plans to drive the development of mobile software and envisages apps for iPhones and iPads, for example, to monitor supply chains.

But the cormeta booth at CeBIT will this year be dominated by PAMS IDC (Integration Device Connectivity). This is a validated manufacturing execution system (MES) for the process industry, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and cosmetics. PAMS IDC means there’s no need for an additional production system to link the hardware to the ERP system. Thanks to a special hardware interface, devices such as scales, scanners, PDAs, and RFID tools are integrated directly with the ERP system. All you need is the SQL interface – and companies don’t need to install any additional software.

The German city of Hanover is gearing up for CeBIT 2011 (photo: Deutsche Messe)
The German city of Hanover is gearing up for CeBIT 2011 (photo: Deutsche Messe)

iTernity: Software for Long-Term Archiving, Hall 3, Booth D 34
At the partner booth of the German Association of Organization and Information Systems (VOI), iTernity will be presenting iCAS, its software for long-term archiving. The solution meets all legal and compliance requirements. Thanks to content storage container technology, data is stored in a special archive container. The 512-bit hash code means that every object has an unchanged data identity, which ensures protection against manipulation. iCAS software enables companies to archive data regardless of storage location and storage medium. The application acts as middleware between the document management, enterprise content management, ERP, and e-mail systems and the disk storage system.

The iCAS solution is either delivered preinstalled on HP servers or is made available virtually through VMWare, Citrix, XEN, or Microsoft Hyper-V.

IBM: Not for Dummies, Halls 2 and 9

Everything’s smart at IBM: This year’s CeBIT topics include the smarter cloud, smarter work, smarter decisions, smarter infrastructure, and smarter security.

IBM will be demonstrating its cloud services and products for organizations of all sizes for the private, public, and hybrid cloud. What’s more, IBM will be presenting hardware and software products to simplify workflows, plus solutions for data management. IBM will also show how it helps customers to keep a close eye on security, compliance, risk management, and data security.

In hall 9 in the public sector area, visitors can find out about new IBM solutions for public administration, homeland security, university management, the judiciary, and healthcare.

T-Systems: Cloud Computing and the Mobile Enterprise, Hall 4, Booth D 26

Cloud computing and mobile access to SAP data are on the T-Systems agenda at this year’s CeBIT. With Dynamic Net-Centric Sourcing, T-Systems offers a service with which companies can access dynamic computing power and storage capacity from the cloud, rather than owning them. Other topics include rights and identity management. And finally: At the T-Systems booth, visitors can pass expert opinion on cloud-based test and development environments.