Partnerticker 1/2011

Gegen Langfinger: RSA sichert Kreditkarten-Zahlung (Foto: Postbank)
RSA safeguards credit card payments and keeps the crooks at bay (photo: Postbank)

EMC: Postbank Uses RSA for Credit Card Payments

Postbank has become the first company in Germany to use RSA Adaptive Authentication for eCommerce to safeguard its credit cards for 3D Secure transactions in the Internet. The software from RSA – the security division of EMC – will enable customers to shop online securely and easily. There’s no need for users to log on, as was the case with previous 3D Secure versions. Holders of a Postbank credit card require neither additional software nor a special password. RSA Adaptive Authentication uses fraud patterns to establish the risk for each transaction and requests further information about the user’s identity in suspected cases only. In addition, Postbank plans to safeguard suspicious transaction using mobile TANs (text messages with a confirmation code).

CIBER: Increased Demand for SAP Add-Ons

In the second half of 2010, CIBER Germany recorded an increased demand for its SAP add-ons, particularly SpeedAvis and Clarification Item Management. These software products can be integrated with SAP platforms and automate accounting processes. What’s more, for the maintenance and archiving of master data, CIBER offers the new applications Master Data Archiving (MDA) and Master Data Processing (MDP).  According to CIBER, SpeedAvis and Clarification Item Management combined result in a monthly saving of 100 hours for item postings. New customers of the software include the WAZ Media Group and the European dairy Milch-Union Hocheifel.

Heiler Software: Product Data Management for Kramp

To realize its e-commerce strategy, the Dutch Kramp Groep now deploys Product Information Management (PIM) from Stuttgart, Germany-based Heiler Software. This gives Kramp – a leading supplier of parts in the agricultural, industrial, and forest and grasscare markets – a central data source for all sales channels and languages. Dealing with mass data, particularly transferring supplier data in the supplier portal, was the main priority. Version 5.2 of the Heiler Product Manager has an interface that connects to the IBM WebSphere Commerce e-commerce system.

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Circle Unlimited: cuSmarText 7.0 Now SAP-Certified

The digital file cuSmarText 7.0 from Circle Unlimited AG has been awarded the SAP certification “Powered by SAP NetWeaver.” The certificate guarantees that the software can be integrated with the SAP standard without modifications and can also be used via the enterprise portal. The latest version of the digital file is deployed in the areas purchasing, sales and distribution, and finance and accounting.  The paperless file connects with SAP ERP, SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM), and SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM). The file can be filled using drag and drop, as well as being integrated with Microsoft Outlook and IBM Lotus Notes.

REALTECH Sells Italian Subsidiary

Walldorf, Germany-headquartered software provider and consulting company REALTECH sold its international subsidiary REALTECH Italy after a management buyout in December. The stock corporation stated insufficient revenue as the reason for the sale. In the future, REALTECH would like to concentrate on its international subsidiaries where the company is well positioned as a consultancy or where the product growth strategy plays a significant role. The Italian subsidiary will retain the name REALTECH. Long-term agreements will safeguard cooperation with customers and partners and ensure the fulfillment of obligations.

Steeb at the German Congress of World Market Leaders

The company Steeb, based in Abstatt, Germany, will be represented at the first German Congress of World Market Leaders. The congress is set to take place from 24 through 26 January in Schwäbisch Hall. By attending, Steeb aims to strengthen cross-industry dialog and its general competitiveness. The goal of the event is to safeguard top positions through sustainable growth. A survey concluded that 1,500 German companies are global leaders in their industry – with 1,350 from the midmarket sector. Many of these companies deploy SAP software, and 48% of Steeb’s industry customers are global leaders themselves.