Get Started Fast with SAP CRM at a Fixed Price

Implemented fast and usable straightaway: SAP Rapid Deployment solution for SAP CRM (photo: Fotolia)
Implemented fast and usable straightaway: SAP RDS for CRM (photo: Fotolia)

Fast implementation, preconfigured processes, flexible price models – rapid deployment of SAP CRM is the fast approach to lean CRM and is suitable for all companies that want to have access to the most important customer relationship management functions quickly and at a reasonable price.

The application covers all key business scenarios from sales, marketing, procurement, customer service, and call centers. And the great thing is that, using the rapid deployment approach, solutions are live between eight and 12 weeks and up and running as soon as the implementation is complete. The most important industry processes are already preconfigured, so there’s no need for complex adjustments after the installation.

Services such as SAP training courses are included in the offering. Customers can decide for themselves whether to purchase licenses for the hosting version or whether to opt for the software-as-a-service model. The payment methods are also highly flexible. Companies can choose between paying on a monthly basis or in advance.

Partners and availability

SAP Rapid Deployment solution for SAP CRM is browser-based. It provides capabilities from SAP CRM, SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM), and SAP Business Communications Management. Recently, SAP IT Service Desk Operation was added, and compliance analyses from SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management (SAP EHS Management) were also integrated. Further functionalities such as analytics, production, mobility, supply chain, sustainability, and financial planning are in the pipeline, too.

The rapid deployment approach to SAP is available directly from SAP, as well as from partner companies like Freudenberg IT. Among the companies that have already adopted the rapid deployment approach to SAP CRM are the Munich, Germany-based adult education institution bbw e.V., scientific publishers Springer Science+Business Media, supplier of synthetic profiles for windows and doors VEKA, supplier of power transmission and motion control products Altra Industrial Motion, and First Energy.

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Functions for sales, marketing, and service

SAP Rapid Deployment solution for SAP CRM covers the most important business processes for sales, marketing, and service. In other words:

Sales: Here, the aim is to generate new business and create new sales channels. Field sales staff need to manage customer appointments and prepare for sales meetings, as well as be able to track the progress of sales. Customer and contact management, activity management, groupware integration, visit reports and other reports, analyses, and opportunity management are therefore among the standard features. Companies can also purchase additional functions like integrated ERP sales order capabilities or lead management.

Marketing: Marketing employees spend much of their time executing campaigns, coordinating sales and distribution activities, and tracking and managing leads. Standard marketing features include customer and contact management, activity management, groupware integration, marketing analyses and reports, and campaign and segmentation management. Lead management can be purchased as an optional extra.

Service: Service employees are mainly concerned with managing and increasing the productivity in call centers. The functionalities for service comprise customer and contact management, activity management, groupware integration, service analyses and reporting, customer service, and knowledge management.

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Implementation costs

At the CRM-expo 2010, held in the German city of Nuremberg last October, Alexander Schroeter, director of solution management for SAP CRM at SAP, gave an overview of the functions and costs.

The cornerstone is a central customer relationship management system, which includes functions such as customer and contact management, activity management, reporting, groupware integration, and integration with SAP ERP. This central CRM system will set a company back €48,400.

Prices and licenses

Various features are optionally available for sales, marketing, and service. Opportunity management and pipeline performance management to support sales activities cost €11,900. Integrated order and quote management from SAP ERP cost another €10,900, while marketing departments can expect to shell out €10,900 for lead management capabilities. Campaign management and segmentation cost €11,900.

If service employees wish to use functions such as customer service, request processing, or the knowledge database, it will cost their employer €10,900.

Companies also have the opportunity to have the rapid deployment version of SAP Business Communications Management Interaction Center implemented for a fixed price of €1,350. This software maps the classic processes within a call center. It supports IP-based telephony and monitoring.

Rental prices

If the customer prefers to avoid costly license fees over a lengthy period, the software can also be rented. For 200–500 users and a minimum duration of two years, customers can expect to part with €31 per user per month. This offering includes SAP Enterprise Support. A discount applies for more than 500 users.