SAP Community Network: Year in Review – Best of 2010

It was a year without parallel.  As social media, social networking, and social commerce gained in stature in the broader marketplace, SAP Community Network continued to refine, extend, and leverage social business as a strategic mechanism to deliver positive results to our customers, our partners, and SAP.  This past year, we reached many milestones and set new records of achievement.

As we close-down 2010, I want to share several highlights from the SAP communities, the SAP TechEd events, and SAP EcoHub that we can all take pride in delivering together.

SAP Community Network Key Accomplishments

  • Grew to nearly 2.3 million individual community members
  • Attracted more than 38 million visits in 2010
  • >200 million pages of content were viewed/consumed
  • Launched Code Exchange with strong adoption + market reaction + >50 projects
  • Gains in social media leadership across SAP + via external recognition
  • Community network + SAP EcoHub increased SAP’s overall brand value, according to Interbrand
  • Launched Mobility and ALM topic areas in SAP Community Network
  • SAP Community Network article library now searchable by product, date, author, topic
  • SAP Community Network featured in four books during 2010 + many articles + conferences
  • Idea Place was piloted at SAPPHIRE NOW … launched at SAP TechEd … and now has 1200 ideas, 700 comments, 4000 votes
  • Multiple topic/audience newsletters w/ >1M subscribers and nearly 2M impressions per month
  • SEO best practices drove 300% increase in search traffic to the community network from Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  • Sybase community synergies were captured w/ SAP Community Network via websites and newsletters
  • ASUG alignment @ communities + events
  • SAP Community Network Net Promoter Score at world-class 65%

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