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With BusinessObjects 4.0 there is no need to fear large data amounts
Thanks to SAP BusinessObjects 4.0, there is no need to fear large data amounts

The world of business is becoming increasingly global and marked by virtual organizations using mobile technology and social networks. Organizations must be equipped to better assess and act decisively on huge volumes of data both from within and outside their businesses. In response to this transformation, SAP today launched the 4.0 releases of business intelligence (BI) and enterprise information management (EIM) solutions from the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio, harnessing the advances of three years of software development. The announcement was made during the SAP Run Better Tour, being held today in New York City.

BusinessObjects 4.0: A bunch of tools to analyse data
BusinessObjects 4.0: A bunch of tools to analyse data

Unified on a common infrastructure and with a user experience boasting the friendly usability of social networking tools, the new BI and EIM releases manifest the broad range of technology innovations that are shaping the future of analytics – in real time, with in-memory computing; instant powerful BI in users’ hands, with more mobile devices supported than ever before; across business and social data with certainty, combining structured and unstructured information and providing the tools to govern the information; and providing the best fit, right now in any deployment model, whether on-premise, on-demand, embedded in business operations, or in a “hybrid” manner.

Architecture of BusinessObjects 4.0
Architecture of BusinessObjects 4.0

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New Tool: BusinessObjects Event offers analyses in realtime
New Tool: BusinessObjects Event offers analyses in realtime reveals the latest news about the potential of BusinessObjects 4.0:

UNIFIED BI & EIM RELEASES: SAP announced the 4.0 releases of BI and EIM solutions from the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio –unified offerings integrating analytics, mobility and the power of in-memory computing to deliver a real-time, 360-degree view across all of an organization’s information. This is SAP’s most complete and comprehensive analytics release since the company acquired BusinessObjects in 2007 – enabling simplistic user visibility from “data to dashboard.”

REVAMPED SEMANTIC LAYER: The 4.0 releases from SAP BusinessObjects are enabled by a revamped semantic layer, delivering a consistent user experience that provides fast and trusted access to data from multiple, SAP and non-SAP sources.  The semantic layer supports all SAP BI solutions across all data types, giving users the ability to access sought after information, as well as offering fresh and relevant perspectives.

NEW VERSIONS OF CRYSTAL: Within the 4.0 releases from SAP BusinessObjects is a new version of the SAP Crystal Solutions suite, enhancing the capabilities that current users know and rely on. Crystal 2011 has undergone several productivity improvements including a new designer interface, support for the new semantic layer across all data sources, and multilingual support. These updates will benefit not only SAP BusinessObjects platform users, but also Crystal stand-alone customers in the SME space.

Data analysis via iPad and Android-Tablets
Data analysis via iPad and Android-Tablets
BI-Functions out of the cloud, based on the Amazon-Web-Service
BI-Functions out of the cloud, based on the Amazon-Web-Service

UPGRADED INFORMATION MANAGEMENT CAPABILITIES: The 4.0 releases from SAP BusinessObjects include EIM capabilities to provide new insights into business information, as well as new intuitive processes for data profiling, metadata management and data quality monitoring. The new Information Design Tool offers more robust and easy to use capabilities for accessing valuable information from across different types of data sources.

NEW PRODUCT TO UNDERSTAND REAL-TIME EVENTS: SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight is a new BI and EIM tool for monitoring and understanding the business impact of events across a network by processing large volumes of event data in real time. Users are enabled to find and analyze complex patterns in seemingly unrelated events, and define that information within their business context in order to identify emerging opportunities or threats via alerts, dashboards, or reports.

NEW DATA GOVERNANCE SOLUTION: SAP BusinessObjects Information Steward is a new data governance tool for IT and the first step for businesses toward a longer term solution supporting data governance. This easy to use and secure tool provides a single place for IT and business analysts to collaborate and govern data assets, while also offering various perspectives on how to understand and analyze the trustworthiness of enterprise information. With integrated data profiling and metadata management functionality, the solution provides continuous insight into the quality of business data.

ANALYZING UNSTRUCTURED TEXT FROM SOCIAL SOURCES: With the 4.0 releases from SAP BusinessObjects, access between structured and unstructured text is now parrallel. In a way that has never been done before, users are enabled to take data analysis a step further and combine unstructured text with access to sentiment analysis for social media, such as blogs and Twitter, in addition to documents and e-mail.

BusinessObjects 4.0 comes with Information Steward for data analysis
BusinessObjects 4.0 comes with Information Steward for data analysis
Now part of the existing SAP-World through tools for CRM and ERP
Integration with the SAP Business Suite adds immediate value

TIGHTER INTEGRATION WITH SAP APPS: Businesses can now use the 4.0 releases from SAP BusinessObjects to take advantage of analytics capabilities within a familiar environment with embedded analytics for the SAP solutions that they already have and are familiar with. This fully developed integration with the SAP Business Suite adds immediate value with a new differentiated business capability in addition to CRM and ERP tools.

INTEGRATION WITH SOCIAL SOFTWARE FOR COLLABORATIVE DECISION MAKING: Teams can now leverage SAP BusinessObjects solutions within SAP StreamWork for collaborative decision making. This integration is bult for speed and allows users to prepare decision-ready information in real-time and effectively communicate those decisions across a  group of individuals.

GO MOBILE: SAP BusinessObjects applications can now be accessed when and where customers need it – with plans for deployment on iOS, RIM and Android devices. With mobile options users have the ability to access analytics with the trust that information is remainging completely secure. Mobile users can search across all data with access to relevant information automatically, as well as generate charts and share results with other users, just as if they were sitting in the office.

TAKE IT TO THE CLOUD: The 4.0 releases from SAP BusinessObjects allows for cloud deployment with Amazon Web Service. This capability allows businesses to deploy the BI and EIM platform on the cloud and deliver the solution to any user on demand, without having to invest in costly hardware to do so.

Twitter-Analyse: Durchsuchen von Text in Social Media
Twitter-Analytics: Searching with Social Media
Twitter: Ausgabe der Suchergebnisse mit BusinessObjects 4.0
Twitter: Presenting data with BusinessObjects 4.0

BRING IT TO MICROSOFT OFFICE: With SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, OLAP Edition, users have access to advanced analytical capabilities to analyze across multiple dimensions and hierarchies in order to uncover deep business insights. With the web-based analysis businesses can boost user adoption and lower the total cost of ownership (TCO). These OLAP capabiltiies are also available in a Microsoft Office edition to run analysis within a familiar and intuitive user experience, which includes bringing analysis into PowerPoint presentations.

COUPLE 4.0 WITH THE POWER OF IN-MEMORY: The 4.0 releases from SAP BusinessObjects are optimized for the high scalability analysis of in-memory data acceleration with SAP HANA. SAP HANA allows for the real-time analysis of high volumes of data up to ten times faster than traditional databases. Coupled with SAP BusinessObjects, users have access to analysis for dashboards, reports and decision making on a level that has not been available before.