Business ByDesign Feature Pack 2.6

Compact and mobile: SAP Business ByDesign on iPad (image: grasundsterne)
Compact and mobile: SAP Business ByDesign on iPad (image: grasundsterne)

This month, the public has witnessed the release of Feature Pack 2.6 of SAP’s on-demand solution, now also known as SAP Business ByDesign Studio. The reason behind the slightly extended name? A new software development kit (SDK) now enables partners to program industry-specific add-ons.

SAP Business ByDesign’s extended device support now also enables iPad and BlackBerry users to join their iPhone-bearing counterparts in calling up the solution while on the go. Meanwhile, Android and Windows Phone 7 devices will join the fray with Feature Pack 3.0, which is scheduled for release in August 2011. SAP’s road map for SAP Business ByDesign currently calls for a new Feature Pack every six months.

Read on for all the latest on Business ByDesign Studio’s new functions and which SAP partners have the solution on offer.

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Business ByDesign 2.6 covers numerous business processes (image: SAP AG)
Business ByDesign 2.6 covers numerous business processes (image: SAP AG)

Business ByDesign Studio

The benefits of SAP Business ByDesign are well known: It’s mobile, tailored to small businesses and midsize companies, hosted in the cloud and thus easy on your IT budget, quick to implement, and clear in its cost structure thanks to SAP’s fixed prices (as detailed in “Three Starter Packages,” for example).

Software development kit

One new element of Feature Pack 2.6 is an SDK that makes Business ByDesign more adaptable. Business ByDesign Studio generally covers all of your business processes – such as in production planning, customer relationship management, finances, and accounting – and is preconfigured to handle 80% of all project-specific applications. According to SAP, these applications require no programming by the end user.

The development kit is intended to incorporate the remaining 20%. In the development environment Microsoft Visual Studio, SAP partners can create add-ons and customize Business ByDesign to customers’ needs. Select partners are currently testing the SDK.

Area-specific products

SAP Business ByDesign Studio also serves as a platform for SAP’s area-specific products for large companies – including SAP Sales OnDemand, which is set to debut in the first half of 2011.

Meanwhile, organizations that have implemented SAP Business Suite at their headquarters can integrate their branch offices by outfitting them with Business ByDesign. The integration scenario in Feature Pack 2.6 addresses balance sheet preparation and helps companies comply with international reporting standards and tax laws. The next Feature Pack is to add further integration scenarios for sales and distribution.


In-memory computing constitutes the basis of analyses conducted with Business ByDesign. The solution now contains scenarios for sales and financial planning that take advantage of this technology, which promises users the ability to process mass amounts of data in real time.

Mobile access

The availability of SAP Business ByDesign on various mobile devices is not the only new feature in this area. Partners now have the option of developing their own mobile apps to leverage the Web services the solution offers; this also applies to apps created based on SAP Business ByDesign Studio.

The Business ByDesign app

As in previous versions, Business ByDesign 2.6 will be available as a free app that enables users to conduct extensive analyses of their business data. It also offers worksheets for generating notes and reports and supports collaboration through e-mail and voice messaging.

In addition, users can compare customer data and evaluations thereof based on set parameters. The app will soon be ready for download from the iTunes Store for SAP Business ByDesign customers and in demo form to other interested parties.

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SAP Business ByDesign partners

In addition to SAP itself, various partners are enjoying increasing success in offering services related to SAP Business ByDesign. Since the release of Feature Pack 2.5 in July 2010, around 250 companies have been using the solution. By May 2011, this number is to grow by several hundred more. Here, we’ve compiled a list of select partners whose offerings include SAP Business ByDesign and corresponding add-on solutions.

Abaco Mobile Inc.: This company delivers a rich mobile composite framework (MCS) based on Microsoft .NET. Compatible with laptops, tablet PCs, PDAs, and smartphones, Abaco Mobile Service for SAP processes Web content for service order and confirmation management. Route planning and customer signature entry are also supported.

All for One Midmarket: All for One provides SAP solutions for small businesses and midsize companies in the electronics, automotive, and mechanical engineering industries, as well as outsourcing at its own data centers.

Meanwhile, the company offers consulting and sales services in connection with SAP Business ByDesign, along with a special program – All for One Business Partners – for SAP Business ByDesign solution partners that provide project support. One of the goals of this program is to advance the development of industry-specific apps.

CUSTOMS info: This company’s software contains a catalog of international trade statistics for SAP Business ByDesign. With it, users can minimize updates and entries while reducing their customs duties and ensuring their compliance with various requirements.

Data One: Data One demonstrates the potential of SAP Business ByDesign through Web sessions with SAP sales managers. The next sessions are scheduled for March 21 and April 4. The company is also currently (until March 31) running a trade-in special for those who order SAP Business ByDesign: Customers’ old ERP software is good for a €2,500 discount on the purchase price, and each of the first three to take advantage will also receive an Apple iPad.

In addition, Data One maintains a test center and offers a basic 10-user package for €1,330 per month.

hybris: This provider of multichannel and e-commerce software has developed hybris commerce for SAP Business ByDesign. When preinstalled, the e-commerce solution supports companies in B2B and B2C.

Online transactions are automatically synchronized with SAP’s on-demand solution, and users can view warehouse information in real time. Plus, hybris commerce makes it possible to import data created with SAP Business ByDesign from catalogs of goods.

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IBIS Prof. Thome: An official SAP Business ByDesign reseller and implementation partner since August 2010, IBIS was involved in the solution’s development starting back in 2004 and has been using it itself since 2007. The company’s services include situational analysis, requirement alignment, project management, and operative support. This year, IBIS also began creating customer-specific apps for SAP Business ByDesign.

Kaba: This company is involved in the fields of access control, time recording, and door and locking systems. At this year’s CeBIT event, Kaba is presenting the time recording solution B-COMM ERP 4 – SAP Business ByDesign at SAP’s partner stand (Hall 5, Stand A18).

Office Depot: Open Catalogue Interface (OCI) supports procurement processes, enabling users to access external catalogs from within SAP Business ByDesign and view services and office materials.

Pacejet Logistics: Various shipping and packaging functions are the main components of the Pacejet Logistics portfolio. Intended for package, truck, and LTL shipping, these services primarily cover product tracking, documents, freight, and similar aspects, as well as freight price appraisal.

Paymetric: This on-demand payment processing service facilitates credit card transactions from within SAP Business ByDesign. It also standardizes order-to-cash processes and integrates credit card acceptance into standard order-processing workflows.