CN Innovates With SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight Software to Run More Efficiently

CN has undergone huge transformations in the past 15 years to become one of the most efficient and profitable railroad companies in North America, and many of its improvements have been enabled by solutions from the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio. One example is managing diesel fuel for locomotives, on which CN spends approximately $1 billion annually – its second largest operating expense. CN’s Real Time Business Intelligence (RTBI) solution will create an integrated view of multiple dimensions of information about what is happening on the railway – a level of detail previously unavailable to the company. CN will integrate on-board telemetry from trains’ locomotive engines and combine that data with operational events, railcar information and length and tonnage of trains for real-time visibility into fuel on board, fuel consumption and range to next refueling, as well as the impact of train handling (e.g. throttle and braking) on fuel consumption. The bottom line is that all of this information will help drive significant improvements in decision-making, taking CN’s fuel consumption to a new level of efficiency.

“The industry-leading BI foundation we have with SAP BusinessObjects software has helped to drive CN’s efficiency and service improvements,” said Alan Capes, director, IT Business Development and Strategic Planning, CN. “On top of this foundation we will add complex event processing (CEP) capabilities such as SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight to help us move from the mindset of ‘what happened yesterday?’ to ‘what is happening today?’ Because we have millions of assets – many of them in motion – across North America, we need CEP capabilities to integrate real-time asset telemetry and operational systems with robust analytics in an intuitive, map-based user interface.”

Additionally, CN will have the ability to use GPS and geo-fencing to redefine the meaning of asset visibility and event reporting, and by layering data on incidents, weather and maintenance, the company will be able to further improve overall operational efficiency, safety and service.