Partnerticker 6/2011

A number of SAP partners will be presenting at the upcoming CeBIT, the world's largest IT convention (photo: Deutsche Messe)
A number of SAP partners will be presenting at the upcoming CeBIT (photo: Deutsche Messe)

Steeb to show how to get started with SAP Business ByDesign

At CeBIT 2011, Steeb Anwendungssysteme GmbH will be focusing on SAP Business ByDesign. Its presentations (Hall 5, Stand A18) will include preconfigured starter packages for small businesses and midsize companies engaged in customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, and service provision.

The CRM package can be implemented in just three weeks for a fixed price of €9,900 and a €79 monthly fee for each user, while the ERP version of SAP’s on-demand solution is available for a one-time €24,900 and €133 per month and user. The service package costs €34,900 initially and €133 per month for each user. The latter two packages can be implemented in six and eight weeks, respectively.

Meanwhile, the SAP and Steeb partner Stiller AG will also be on hand at the same stand to show off an iPad app that enables graphical order entry in SAP Business ByDesign. The app reduces entry errors and can quickly display product images and videos whenever necessary. Sales representatives thus have all the information they need no matter where they are, and the added visual support helps them provide more thorough customer consulting.

ABAYOO also presenting SAP Business ByDesign at CeBIT

The solution reseller ABAYOO also plans to introduce CeBIT attendees to the services it offers throughout Germany in connection with SAP Business ByDesign – including implementation support – at SAP’s partner stand (Hall 5, Stand A18). With cloud computing currently considered the biggest engine of growth in the IT industry, CeBIT 2011 is set to take place under the theme “Work and Life with the Cloud.”

UNIORG showing off rapid-deployment solution for SAP CRM

The SAP partner UNIORG will be exhibiting various SAP solutions for small businesses and midsize companies at CeBIT 2011 (Hall 5, Stand A18), including SAP Business One, SAP Business All-in-One, and the SAP Customer Relationship Management rapid-deployment solution. In the case of SAP Business One, one of UNIORG’s areas of focus will be the integration of SAP systems at sales offices on the basis of SAP NetWeaver.

In addition, UNIORG will be using a project carried out with the water treatment equipment manufacturer iWater as an example of how Mac computers can also be part of an IT constellation capable of running SAP Business One. This will include presentations of analyses on iPhone and iPad. Meanwhile, the company will demonstrate how VEKA – a door and window manufacturer – implemented the SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution in just 12 weeks

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HumanConcepts to demonstrate Transition Manager

HumanConcepts will be on hand to exhibit its Transition Manager at the SAP Insider Conference HR 2011, an event inviting companies that use, integrate, or support the HR functions of SAP software to Las Vegas, Nevada (U.S.) on March 8-11.

The event’s focus will be on aspects such as talent and organization management, payroll, and time management, as well as HR reporting and compliance. Transition Manager, for example, is designed to help managers and human resource departments coordinate workforces. HumanConcepts will show how to integrate the solution into SAP ERP.

Unisys predicts 2011’s technology trends

The IT service provider Unisys has put together a forecast of the technologies it believes will be on the rise this year:

Cloud computing: While further progress is made toward public clouds, private clouds will mainly provide product applications in 2011.

Consumerization in IT: PCs and laptops will be replaced by tablet PCs and smartphones to an increasing extent in the field of business, as well. This will usher in changes in end-user support and customer retention.

Social computing: Instead of remaining purely a marketing tool, this concept will support productivity and communication with customers while making collaboration easier for employees stationed all around the world.

Smart computing: IT systems are set to become simpler and more automated – even complex back-end processes. Devices will be run automatically from the back end in data centers, thus reducing maintenance costs.

Fit-for-purpose applications: Specific applications are transforming into easy-to-implement computing platforms that already contain hardware and software. This facilitates tasks in database management, security, and e-commerce.

Cybersecurity: Secure supply chains and identity systems are gaining importance, and technologies such as biometrics and monitoring systems are seeing increasing use. Meanwhile, holistic approaches to security are incorporating physical and digital systems into single dashboards to achieve more accurate oversight.

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OpenText introduces new content management portlets

With the new portal solutions from OpenText, companies can create Web sites that provide content, appeal to customers, and facilitate collaboration. The solutions can draw information from OpenText ECM Suite, Microsoft SharePoint, or other sources and present it in a uniform, personalized user interface on the Internet or intranets.

OpenText Portal (formerly Vignette Portal) enables users to navigate through files and folders across various applications. It also creates mash-ups and provides content from a central location based on different contexts.

The portlets available for OpenText Content Server, meanwhile, include an activity feed portlet, which functions like Facebook and offers a variety of collaboration tools; a navigation portlet, which personalizes the content knowledge managers see according to the requirements of their work; and a federated search portlet, which provides a search engine that delivers results from multiple server instances, file systems, and databases.