It’s All Relevant Information: What’s New in BI and EIM

Dave WeisbeckBy Dave Weisbeck

It’s no secret that SAP is about to release its much-anticipated BI and EIM solutions, which comprise a unified offering for putting the power of analytics into the hands of decision makers across organizations.

I am very excited about this release — not only because it represents the culmination of three intensive years of research and development (dating back before the SAP acquisition) — but because we’ve improved every aspect of the portfolio, especially around ease of use and the scale of information that can be retrieved, organized and analyzed.

In less than two weeks, we’ll be letting you in on everything we’ve done to upgrade the solutions. In the meantime, let me give you a glimpse of one of the new capabilities I’m particularly passionate about: the ability to support multiple types of data to give you a more complete picture and business context in which to make decisions.

Traditionally, we’ve done a good job with structured data (such as spreadsheets and relational databases). With the latest BI and EIM solutions form SAP, we added greatly improved capabilities to gain insights from unstructured data (such as blogs, documents and e-mails), but completely new is Event Insight, which supports a new type of data: events.  Anytime something happens — whether it’s a point-of-sale transaction or an RFID device passing through a scanner — an event occurs. That’s relevant information because you can compare an event to historical data to identify trends that will be critical to decision-making for your organization. In addition, the new solutions enable you to stay on top of trends indicated by data through next-generation alerting capabilities. You can configure the infrastructure to deliver comparative information to employees via smart phone, SMS or e-mail. Or you can actively monitor event and historical data through dashboards thanks to some nifty integration work done with SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards.

The next release of BI and EIM solutions from SAP, therefore, is all about helping a wide array of people gather the custom information they need to drive business forward. That’s the bottom line: better decision-making.

In the days ahead, we’ll have much more detail about product features, functionality and customer benefits that are sure to intrigue and excite. Stay tuned, and don’t forget to join us on Feb. 23 on our virtual launch platform. We’ll have SAP experts available via chat throughout the launch day to answer your questions and unveil what else our new BI and EIM solutions can do for you.

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