Duet Enterprise Makes Its Debut

Microsoft und SAP präsentieren heute die gemeinsam entwickelte Lösung Duet Enterprise (Grafik: grasundsterne)
Duet Enterprise, a joint venture of Microsoft and SAP (graphic: grasundsterne)

In enterprise business systems, the fundamental goals of business units and IT organizations are often disparate. Business units are focused on driving growth and accelerating access to and the flow of information. IT organizations’ first priority, on the other hand, is to maintain efficient and secure business systems.

But in order to achieve business growth, greater integration between the two areas is required. Technology solutions must be able to support increased agility in business and enable timely access to information. That is where Duet Enterprise comes in. The product is intended for customers who use both SAP applications and Microsoft SharePoint and it aims to help business units and IT organization address their goals in an integrated, collaborative way. Duet Enterprise helps customers bridge the gap between the requirements of business users and the functionality that IT can deliver.

What can Duet Enterprise do for you?

Three basic tenets define Duet Enterprise: a foundation for interoperability, composition tools and business content, and ready-to-use capability. First and foremost, Duet Enterprise enables technical interoperability between SAP applications and Microsoft SharePoint through add-on modules to Microsoft SharePoint and the SAP NetWeaver technology platform.

This allows for integrated security, authorization, and access to SAP enterprise services within Microsoft SharePoint. Further interoperability features include: administration functionality, security features like single sign-on, system and lifecycle management, and offline support. For example, users can trace a message throughout its communication path with standard SAP and Microsoft monitoring and support tools.

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Duet Enterprise: Co-innovation at work

Duet Enterprise also provides tools and business content to help users develop composite applications for their SAP software and Microsoft SharePoint. SAP tools adapt and combine services, develop custom business logic, and modify existing fields or add new ones. Microsoft SharePoint Designer creates external lists and document libraries and designs views and forms.

In addition, Microsoft SharePoint Studio can modify those solutions and create custom user experiences. The pre-configured business content includes SAP enterprise services and Microsoft SharePoint external lists, templates, and user interface templates. This key feature allows users to reuse existing content rather than start development from scratch.

The ease of adoption for users is further enhanced by Duet Enterprise’s ready-to-use capabilities. These features are all about creating an integrated and collaborative workspace; they deliver most of the functionality users need from the start, allowing users to customize only the portions necessary for business-specific solutions. The ready-to-use features permit users to collaborate in workspaces containing SAP information, participate in SAP software workflows, access reports generated by SAP BW or SAP ERP, and retrieve content stored in the SAP ERP Human Capital Management solution.

Attend the virtual event and learn more

The Duet Enterprise Launch Summit on February 1, 2011 marks the widespread availability of the software jointly developed by SAP and Microsoft and further underscores SAP’s co-innovation strategy. It is an online-only event designed to provide an overview of the business and technical capabilities of Duet Enterprise.

David Brutman, Director of Technology Marketing at SAP, adds: “We also wanted to make this event as collaborative as possible. The Duet Enterprise Launch Summit will feature business and technical tracks and will offer a variety of social media tools, such as discussion forums, Twitter, business card exchange, and Q&A sessions to connect SAP and Microsoft experts with customers and partners.”

Vishal Sikka, SAP Executive Board member, and Kurt Delbene, Microsoft Office Division President, will deliver keynote speeches. Registration information for the virtual event can be found here: http://www.duetenterprisesummit.com/SitePages/MicrositeHome.aspx