Educating the iPod Generation


Jesse Cleary-Budge is running late. For his master’s degree in business informatics, he has to sign up for courses in advanced programming methods and computer networks. He pulls out his iPhone, calls up the iNKU app, selects “my classes,” and checks his schedule to see where his class is being held. A short time later, he’s sitting in a seminar room, learning more about multiparadigm design patterns.

Thanks to myNKU, the university’s SAP solution, Jesse was able to use his smartphone to sign up quickly and easily for his courses. “SAP offers us a robust platform that is both Web-based and mobile-enabled,” says Timothy C. Ferguson, CIO and associate provost for information technology at NKU. The solution is based on SAP Business Suite and SAP Student Lifecycle Management and gives students access to the university’s campus management systems whenever they need it.

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