Tapping the Partner Network

SAP collaborates on sustainability with partners and customers in an ecosystem as diverse, far-reaching, and interactive as the very planet it is working to sustain. And just as signs bubble up from the earth presaging problems, so do countermeasures and solutions percolate from the individuals and organizations in SAP’s thriving network.

The end goal: to meld sustainability and profitability via the holistic management of economic, social, and environmental risks and opportunities within an organization.

Case in point: SAP worked with Accenture on the SAP BusinessObjects Sustainability Performance Management application, and continues to draw from that company’s well of knowledge about how clients want to tie sustainability to financial and corporate performance management. “Collaboration is critical,” says Dave Abood, managing director, sustainability services, Accenture North America. “That means collaboration with customers to hear what they need and help them think it through, then collaboration between companies to bring a solution from strategy to execution.”

“Tapping the Partner Network” was recently published in SAP Spectrum Magazine and can be read in its entirety here.