The Other Side of Cloud: Bernhard Schulzki on Virtualization

Cloud computing holds great promise for making businesses more flexible and profitable. But make no mistake: this isn’t just a pie-in-the-sky notion. There is nothing nebulous about virtualization and cloud computing. In fact, SAP has a straightforward way of defining its cloud strategy into two sides. One side is development and operation of cloud solutions via software such as SAP Business ByDesign, which SAP offers as an on-demand solution and which is run on SAP’s own infrastructure; and on the other side, by supporting customers who run their SAP systems on premise in their own data centers, and who want to virtualize these data centers to run their systems on their own infrastructure clouds.

In this interview with SAP Spectrum, Bernhard Schulzki, program lead for virtualization and cloud management at SAP, talks about how SAP is helping its customers to become faster, more flexible, and more efficient by using private clouds.

If you plan on attending  SAP Virtualization and Cloud Week in Palo Alto from April 12-14, you’ll get to hear from Bernhard and other virtualization experts from SAP in person.