Get a Handle on Risk

The 10.0 release integrates all GRC functions on one platform
The 10.0 release for SAP GRC integrates all GRC functions on one platform (photo: Fotolia)

On Thursday, March 23, the 10.0 release for governance, risk, and compliance solutions (GRC), a part of the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio, became available to users. The release has been anticipated for nearly three years and it introduces enhancements across the GRC platform.

SAP GRC software comprises three main components: SAP Business Risk Management, SAP BusinessObjects Process Control, and SAP BusinessObjects Global Trade Services. For a basic overview of these GRC solutions and their functionality, see the article, “Abiding by the Rules – Digitally.”

SAP GRC 10.0 not only introduces fundamental changes to the structure of GRC, but also the software is now connected to core business processes, such as SAP ERP, making risk management and reporting part of everyday business. Below, we describe the key enhancements in detail.

Multiple solutions on one platform

The most notable improvement to the SAP GRC offering is the integration of solutions. The three main GRC components now run on one unified platform, using SAP NetWeaver platform technology. Both front-end and back-end processes benefit from this integration.

Starting on the surface, users immediately experience the advantages of integrated GRC solutions. The unified platform supports a common look and feel across all GRC solutions. Users, especially those with previous experience in one of the GRC components, profit from the shared user-interface and workflow structure. The applications are easy to use in conjunction with one another.

Dive a bit deeper and the benefits of a single platform continue. There is now better data integration among the SAP GRC solutions . The three applications share master data, which allows for more accurate risk and control management as well as more reliable risk reporting.

Further enhancements delivered by SAP GRC 10.0 are described on the next page.

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Alert to risk

The 10.0 release also introduces embedded business intelligence (BI) dashboards and reports. A new graphic tool makes it easier for users with limited GRC experience to understand risk through a clear graphical depiction. Companies gain even more insight into risk with automated risk monitoring. This feature automatically identifies and prioritizes potential risks and alerts managers to them. Companies can prevent critical issues before they occur.

SAP GRC 10.0 includes Content Lifecycle Management, a new addition to the SAP GRC offering. Now companies can organize controls, risk, and remediation plans in one central place. If the controls need adjustment in the future, companies can easily access the existing policies. The content also can be accessed by external users. This enables industry-specific standards to be implemented at a technical level.

SAP GRC supports risk management for several industries, including: automotive, oil & gas, high tech, utilities, life sciences, consumer products, and chemicals. SAP partners deliver specific industry and line-of-business functionality through SAP EcoHub.