Take a Look around SAP STORE

Apps for Business ByDesign: visitors to CeBIT get a preview of SAP Store (photo: Christiane Stagge)
Apps for Business ByDesign: visitors to CeBIT get a preview of SAP STORE (photo: Christiane Stagge)

Business apps on demand. Starting in 2011, customers will be able to enhance their SAP Business ByDesign 2.6 solution with additional functions. From payroll and time recording through campaign planning, SAP STORE will be the place for SAP partner companies to sell their add-ons. Providers so far include Syskoplan, All for One Midmarket, itelligence, Crossgate, Kaba, Data One, Seeburger, and DATEV. The apps are specially designed for the consumer products industry, the media, mechanical engineering, and wholesalers.

Currently, SAP STORE has around 50 apps on its virtual shelves. It will be available to customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, India, China, France, and Germany. However, SAP STORE is still in the test phase. SAP plans to unveil the store officially at SAPPHIRE NOW in May 2011, but visitors to CeBIT managed to get a sneak preview. SAP.info was given a guided tour.

The user interface

Users access SAP STORE directly from the SAP Business ByDesign user interface or from the SAP Business ByDesign Business Center. It can also be called from a link in the user’s Internet browser. As a result, SAP STORE is always open, wherever you are.

SAP STORE is similar to many other online shops. On the landing page, users can view the apps they need according to different industries, providers, prices, or solution types.

If you select a product, information about the app is displayed, such as technical details, price, and support. To give potential customers a better idea of the functions, partners can also publish videos about their products.

A particularly practical feature is that users can perform a compatibility check before purchasing an app. SAP STORE automatically detects which version of SAP Business ByDesign is in use (see the article Three Starter Packages).

The compatibility check verifies whether the app is compatible with the customer’s SAP Business ByDesign package in terms of functions and content.

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Partner solutions and new technologies at the SAP booth at CeBIT 2011 (photo: Christiane Stagge)
Partner solutions and new technologies at the SAP booth at CeBIT 2011 (photo: Christiane Stagge)

Payment and services

By clicking “Buy,” users can download the app. But users can also find out what other shoppers think about the app before they decide to make a purchase. The procedure is similar to that of other online shops: Customers are given an overview of all the information before actually parting with their money.

The app is loaded to the SAP Business ByDesign software in the background. Invoicing takes place through the partner or through SAP directly.

SAP STORE is part of SAP’s commercial platform, which also comprises areas such as the buying center and the service control center. In the buying center, users can select the individual functions of their SAP Business ByDesign package to be included in the configuration. This is where the links to the partners are. In the service control center, purchases from the store can be managed and support requests posted.