Day One Recap: SAP Channel Partner Summit Americas 2011

SAP Channel Partner Summit Americas 2011, held in Savannah, Ga., kicked off earlier today with a keynote address by Kevin Gilroy, senior vice president, SME North America, to the more than 680 attendees from the U.S. and Canada. The message: “Be bold. We are at a tipping point with new innovations in areas such as business analytics, cloud computing, in-memory computing and mobility. The opportunity before us and our channel partners is huge and we will never go back to the way business was done in the past. One-hundred percent of our new SME business in North America will be channel-led.”

SAP has made transformative changes in the way it engages with the channel – changes that began in 2010 and are being further honed in 2011. Check out the following positive feedback from industry analysts about SAP’s direction for channel partners offering solutions to small and midsize enterprises:

  • “SAP’s commitment to a channel-led, go-to-market strategy will pay dividends. It’s clear from their stated plan to get to a 100%- channel model in the SME space by end of the year that SAP is getting serious about transforming into a true channel player in 2011.” — Darren Bibby, Vice-President, Software Channels and Alliances Research, IDC
  • “SAP’s Kevin Gilroy and his team are taking SAP down a new, more partner-friendly path, with more attractive programs for North American channel partners that should help SAP grow its channel ecosystem and expand its reach in the mid-market.”  — Laurie McCabe, Partner, SMB Group
  • “With the current plans in place to broaden the SAP Business ByDesign ecosystem, grow the analytics offerings via channel partners,  and offer more aggressive programs and terms to its North American channel partners, SAP is showing it is walking the talk of a partner-friendly company.” — Cindy Jutras, Partner, Mint Jutras
  • For more from Cindy Jutras, please see her blog entitled: “SAP Positioned for Explosive Growth in Channels – That Means SME

The theme of this year’s summit – “Run Better Together” – prominently features the importance of SAP’s partner ecosystem and how we can be successful together. SAP is detailing our channel transformation strategies, providing the tools, resources and training to be successful together in 2011, including breakout sessions, hands-on training and guest speakers.

Gilroy wrapped up his keynote by stating, “We are in this boat together, we’ve scrapped off the barnacles that were slowing us down, and we are trimming the sails. We invite our partners to get on board with us!”

Yes, SAP and its North American channel partners and customers are positioned for growth and success in 2011.