SAP HANA Surges Ahead

Full Throttle: 2.5 TB of data and 512 GB of memory make up the IBM server (Foto: Fotolia)
Full Throttle: Results within seconds enable real-time data analysis (Photo: Fotolia)

SAP In-Memory Appliance software (SAP HANA) easily handles 10,000 queries per hour against 1.3 terabytes of data and returns results within seconds, according to the first official SAP HANA performance test.  SAP and IBM announced the test results today; they have been working on a joint project to deliver real-time analytics.

SAP HANA is based on in-memory technology which enables data to be analyzed in a matter of seconds. Unlike with traditional databases, in-memory computing eliminates the need for IT departments to extract, aggregate, or process data – information is stored directly in the in-memory database. From there, it can be accessed immediately, which enables real-time data analysis.

The test was independently audited and verified by WinterCorp. SAP and IBM designed the test to reflect the requirements of today’s business and based the queries on the typical workload of SAP ERP users. For hardware, they used an IBM x3850 X5 server. The IBM x3850 X5 server contains 32 cores, 0.5 terabytes of memory, and a RAID 5 disk system. With SAP HANA software, the server can handle up to 1.3 terabytes of data, as SAP HANA compresses data and stores it in columns.

IBM DB2 Is Ready for SAP HANA

SAP and IBM’s partnership to support SAP HANA is part of a long history of collaboration, making SAP systems run more efficiently on IBM databases and hardware. Good news for customers with ERP systems that run on DB2.

At the moment, SAP HANA is still in the ramp-up phase. There are around 50 customers using the software in the co-innovation program. SAP HANA is the in-memory foundation on which a new family of applications will be built.

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New Roadmap for In-Memory Applications

At the SAP Run Better Tour in Boston, SAP also announced a new roadmap for the upcoming in-memory applications. The following are planned for 2011:

  • Sales and Operations Planning: This application will enable sales and marketing departments to collaborate with operations and finance in order to evaluate the impact of their strategies and make accurate predictions.
  • Intelligent Payment Broker: This application will calculate financing options on open invoices and will help determine which discounting terms should be offered on which invoices.
  • Smart Meter Analytics: The software for intelligent electricity meters: With this application utility companies can analyze smart meter readings to forecast demand and develop new products.
  • SAP Trade Promotion Management Application improves the planning process and helps develop accurate strategies for particular customers.
  • SAP Cash and Liquidity Management Application allows companies to predict inbound and outbound cash flows and risk management.