Moving Beyond Spreadsheets, Midsize Companies Improve Operational Decisions

Included in this week’s IndustryWeek e-newsletter is an article written by SAP’s Mindy Fiorentino, vice president, Solution Marketing, identifying key issues for midsize businesses using spreadsheets for planning and analytics processes. Included in the article is a roadmap for deploying technology in an affordable manner to address these issues. Fiorentino highlights how business Intelligence helps turn data from financial, manufacturing and sales systems into useful and meaningful information, which can be distributed to those who need it, when they need it.

The following is excerpted from the article: “Many mid-sized businesses rely on spreadsheets for operational analysis, planning and budgeting. Soon they are drowned in multiple versions of spreadsheets, making these processes chaotic and error prone. They also find that their spreadsheets, which were extracted and created perhaps a day ago, don’t have the most current operational data. As a result they often feel that they don’t have their finger on the pulse of their company’s operations to quickly make enough right decisions. Affordable analytics and planning technology can address this issue. However many mid-sized organizations don’t have the budgets, resources and expertise to deploy such technology.”

Link here to the article for more information.