Partner News Special: SAP Business ByDesign

Small and compact, hold the frills: SAP Business ByDesign (source: SAP TV)
Small and compact, hold the frills: SAP Business ByDesign (source: SAP TV)

itelligence helps client manage customers through social media is just one customer that has opted for the CRM starter package of SAP Business ByDesign. With it, this provider of on-demand IT infrastructure and telecommunications can now also manage its customers through social media. Since the completion of a two-week implementation phase handled by itelligence AG, the CRM solution has enabled to maintain an overview of its customer data – all the way from initial contact to sales.

Here, the company’s main focus is on managing 40,000 Internet addresses while checking for duplicates and forming campaigns. In addition to accounting for’s mobile data management and sales-oriented e-mail system, the implementation has facilitated the integration of social media and data exchange from Microsoft Exchange and Outlook using iPhones and iPads.

All for One Midmarket acquires new SAP Business ByDesign customer

All for One Midmarket AG has found a new SAP Business ByDesign customer in Immologis GmbH, an IT consultancy specializing in SAP implementations and SAP NetWeaver-based add-ons for the real estate industry.

Besides using the solution in-house, Immologis also plans to serve more of the customer segment below SAP ERP. Rental and facility management functions are of particular significance in the real estate industry.

ESS now reselling SAP Business ByDesign

ESS EDV-Software-Service AG, which provides ERP systems to the real estate industry, has now begun marketing, selling, and implementing SAP Business ByDesign as a solution reseller. In doing so, the company is seeking to strengthen its core business while realizing other potential opportunities, thereby leveraging the on-demand software model to increase its market share in the German housing industry.

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itelligence implementing SAP Business ByDesign for online business

Wildnissport GmbH, a startup that sells outdoor equipment mainly through its 24-hour online store, is replacing a series of individual systems with SAP Business ByDesign. The implementation is another under the management of Bielefeld, Germany’s itelligence AG.

The on-demand solution’s integrated reporting will keep Wildnissport constantly informed of how its business is going – even on iPhones and iPads. In the first phase of the project, itelligence is implementing virtually everything attributed to the field of logistics: financial accounting, order processing and shipping logistics (including labeling), purchasing, and warehouse management.

The second step will involve Wildnissport’s brick-and-mortar stores and point-of-sale integration. Here, the company will be making use of mobile barcode scanners and incorporating Microsoft Outlook. The overall project should be complete in a total of 12 weeks.

Bautzen IT providing management tool

With the add-on BIT Equipment-Verwaltung from Bautzen IT.Group (BIT), SAP Business ByDesign users can enter their equipment – from laptops to manufacturing machines – into a system by maintaining their master data. The tool can also be linked to existing equipment and even has the ability to manage and record lending by employees, cost centers, or other criteria.

TDS AG offering “as-a-service” portfolio for small businesses and midsize companies

The Fujitsu subsidiary TSD AG is now an SAP Business ByDesign solution reseller. The company’s greater “as-a-service” portfolio comprises infrastructure elements from Fujitsu, as well as its own provision and implementation services for SAP Business ByDesign. TDS also handles data migrations and the integration of third-party systems.